One Piece Live Action Adaptation Sets Sail in 2023

One Piece Netflix

The global release of the Live Action adaptation of One Piece has been announced by Netflix. The all-new series is the highly anticipated release for the franchise, which was originally a manga and anime series. The release announcement also blesses fans with the unveiling of a teaser, which grants the first look at the characters of the upcoming adaptation. The stars and cast of the show have also been revealed, with Netflix already launching the series page on the streaming service. 

That 90s Show Gets an Official Teaser and Release Date

That '90s Show - Netflix

Fans of the classic sitcom, That ’70s Show, are in for a treat. The show is set to continue later next year with a direct sequel and continuation, That ’90s Show. The show finally hits Netflix in January, and the streamer has just dropped the official teaser trailer for the upcoming series.