Jason Todd: Red Hood Is One Of The Best DC Characters In Video Games

Red Hood aka Jason Todd - Batman Arkham Knight

Jason Todd is the second Robin, and he later becomes Red Hood. The DC Icon has featured prominently in the franchises for Gotham Knights, Injustice, and Arkham. Today, I’m going to explore how Jason Todd has emerged as one of the best characters in DC-based video games.

Gotham Knights Will Not Take Place In The Same Continuity As The Batman: Arkham Series

With the announcement of the new Batman game, Gotham Knights, fans have speculated that the game could take place in the same continuity of the Batman: Arkham games. Recently Comicbook.com reached out to WB Games Montreal to settle the rumors of a possible connection to the Batman: Arkham games in Gotham Knights. RELATED: NEW BAT-FAMILY […]