What Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Casting as Morpheus Could Mean

Yahya Abdul Mateen II has been cast to play a younger Morpheus in the untitled Matrix 4 film. What does this mean for the next Matrix and its plot?
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Is Morpheus The (New) One?

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In the film’s continuity, the Architect revealed that there were five previous iterations of The Matrix and the third time created The One. A new One appeared in every version from that point on. However, with Neo brokering peace and giving up his body in The Matrix Revolutions, it’s possible that the Matrix could reconfigure and update its systems. After all, The One is an anomaly created by The Matrix itself. It certainly stands to reason that since the last version (and potentially all previous iterations of The One) rebelled against the machine, that it would make alterations to its self-made glitch in the system.

The deaths and rebirths of the franchise’s lead characters does offer a unique opportunity to explore the human spirit and reincarnation in ways that only The Matrix franchise could actualize. It’s possible that Morpheus is the new One in the seventh version of The Matrix. In The Matrix Reloaded, it was also revealed that there are other children with unrealized potential that simply needed to be unlocked. So it would stand to reason that another person certainly could be The One, if fostered correctly.

If that’s the direction of the story, it could offer some fun changes to The Matrix’s formula. In this iteration, Neo could potentially be the one to offer the red or blue pill and awaken Morpheus to the dangerous digital world around him. In this scenario, Neo would now be the master while Morpheus is the new padawan.

In addition, it may be an opportunity to find out more about Morpheus’ identity, both outside and within The Matrix. The character’s backstory is barely mentioned in the original. Before becoming a wanted terrorist, he was the headman at the Daniel Institute of Dream Interpretation. Was this company a front to locate and organize individuals who wanted to find out about “the real world?”

Additionally, he is a rebel leader and commander of the spaceship, Nebuchadnezzar, in Zion. How did he rise to power? What happened with his relationship with Niobe? Exploring Morpheus’ awakening could turn the franchise on its head, while offering new perspective on the characters and story that we thought that we knew.


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