Image Comics’ Moonshine vol. 1 & 2 Review

The Illuminerdi takes a look at volume 1 & 2 of Image Comics' Moonshine.
Image Comics Moonshine Vol 1 Cover

Unfortunately, Moonshine volume 2 struggles to keep the same level of rabid intensity as the premiere issue. The story, specifically Lou’s story, drags on for too long and suffers from similar pacing problems as the last volume. There are seemingly several opportunities where Azzarello could have progressed the plot, without affecting the ultimate outcome of the volume. The parallel story going on in volume 2 moves at a reasonable pace, but it feels too diluted by the filler of Lou’s arc.

Risso’s art continues the style that he established in volume 1, with occasional forays into a slightly different style to emphasize dreams or flashbacks. These stylistic shifts serve to keep things aesthetically fresh and show a bit of Risso’s artistic range, without being too jarring.

Stylistic shift from Moonshine vol. 2 chapter 1.
Stylistic shift from Moonshine vol. 2 chapter 10.

All in all, almost everyone loves a good werewolf or mob story. Moonshine manages to combine the two in a really intriguing way that’s immensely enjoyable. Even with the narrative and pacing problems, it’s highly recommended that you check out this book.

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Ben Ravensdale

Ben Ravensdale

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