The Legends of Luke Skywalker Released as a Thrilling Manga

Lucasfilm and Viz Media are collaborating to bring fans The Legends of Luke Skywalker, a manga detailing the hero's life and times.
luke skywalker manga

With the Star Wars franchise wrapping up in theaters and Luke Skywalker no longer the marquee character of the saga from a galaxy far far away, we all get to enjoy a new paperback adventure of everyone’s favorite moisture farmer turned galactic savior. Written by the multi-award winning author Ken Liu (The Paper Menagerie, The Dandelion Dynasty), The Legends of Luke Skywalker is sure to be a wild, crowd-pleasing ride.
The Legends of Luke Skywalker Manga

Luke Skywalker… But In Manga!

The manga is coming from a collaboration of Lucasfilm (the originators of Star Wars, as we all know) and the publishing and entertainment juggernaut Viz Media (Dragon Ball, Pok√©mon). The companies have brought together a group of renowned manga artists to lend their talents to the new book, including Akira Himekawa (Legend of Zelda), Haruichi (Leia Organa: Ordeal of the Princess), Subaru (The Tale of Lugubrious Moat), Akira Fukuya and Takashi Kisaki (The Starship Graveyard). 

With all the talent filled in these pages, and at the retail price of $14.99, it seems like a absolute steal. So if you’re a fan of either Star Wars or manga in general, perhaps both this seems like a quality and affordable buy to add to your collection.

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