DC Comics Announces Dungeons & Dragons Supplement Based On The Last God

DC Comics is bringing their comic, The Last God, to the tabletop gaming world in the form of a Dungeons & Dragons supplement based on the comic storyline.

Dungeons & Dragons has seen a massive increase in popularity in recent years, thanks to shows like Critical Role, as well as advocates such as Wil Wheaton, Vin Diesel, and Joe Manganiello to name just a few. Now, the popular tabletop role-playing game is getting another boost to its cred thanks to DC Comics’ newly announced project, titled The Last God: Tales from the Book of Ages.

Comic publishers and D&D aren’t strangers. For nearly a decade, IDW Publishing has run various D&D-themed titles, including mini-series set in Dark Sun, Eberron, Baldur’s Gate, Ravenloft, and more. DC Comics, however, is putting a very intriguing spin on the formula – they’re planning to release a D&D comic based off of their comic book The Last God.

The Last God Comic
A band of stalwart adventurers confront a dread god to save their world.

The Last God Is Perfect Campaign Material

The Last God is a dark high-fantasy series that launched in October 2019, and tells the story of a band of heroes trying to stop an aberrant and malevolent god from destroying their world. The comic takes a few cues from Game of Thrones in that it is violent, grim, and unrepentant. Take a look at our review of The Last God #1-3 here for a more in-depth look at the title.

As for what’s in store for the D&D sourcebook… well, that’s pure speculation at this point. It’s likely that DC will provide rules for playing members of the Aelva (a playful twist on “elven”, which might not be obvious to some readers), as well as the magic users called Ferrymen that protect the Aelvan people. The Guild Eldritch, which seems to be The Last God‘s version of a mage’s guild, is sure to be included, as well as the Dwarrow and Rivermen races. Hopefully, DC will also include rules for taking an ursulon beast companion for the existing ranger class.

An Aelvan Ferryman rushes to save Queen Cyanthe from a monster.
A Dwarrow and a Riverman fighting side-by-side to vanquish evil.

DC would also be remiss if they didn’t include stat blocks for the horrific Plague of Flowers’ menacing menagerie of macabre monsters for heroes to battle against. The eponymous Last God, Mol Uhltep, will surely make an appearance as well, taking his place alongside other deity-level D&D threats such as Orcus, Demogorgon, and their ilk.

Pretty sure I’m allergic to these particular flowers…

The Last God: Tales from the Book of Ages is scheduled for release on April 29th for the bargain price of $4.99. Are you going to venture forth into Cain Anuun and try to stop Mol Ulhtep? Let us know in the comments below and keep up with DC Comics properties at The Illuminerdi.


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