America Chavez May Kick Open The Multiverse of Madness in Doctor Strange 2: EXCLUSIVE

It looks like America Chavez might be making her way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by way of a major role in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.
america chavez and doctor strange

New details have emerged from casting notes acquired by The Illuminerdi suggesting that America Chavez might soon be making her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in a surprising place: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

America Chavez Is Beauty, She’s Grace, She’ll Punch You In Your Face

America Chavez

America Chavez was created in 2011 by Jow Casey and Nick Dragotta as a new incarnation of the Miss America character. Chavez really came to prominence as a member of the 2013 Young Avengers series by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. She’s a brash and confident brawler with a soft side, but she only opens up when she’s with her closest friends. She’s also an openly gay young woman, which would be a major step forward towards representation in the MCU to feature her in a lead role.

She also hails from an alternate reality to the core Marvel Universe. America was raised in the Utopian Parallel, an idyllic dimension that was disconnected from other realities. When she was a child, her mothers were forced to sacrifice their lives to seal a pair of black holes that were threatening the dimension.

Later in life, America was able to master the powers she received due to her proximity to ambient magical forces growing up. This includes flight, superhuman strength and speed, near invulnerability, and most notable of all the ability to create star portals. Using her incredible strength, America can actually break open star-shaped portals that allow her and others to travel across space, time, and even the entire multiverse.

Why America Chavez Showing Up Is A Big Deal

America Chavez

That last detail is what makes the casting news from Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness so likely. While there are plenty of hints towards other exciting specific characters that could appear (and that The Illuminerdi will cover in due time), the most surprising is the casting call for a teenage Hispanic female who will be a supporting lead in the film.

There are few major Marvel characters who fit that exact bill, with America Chavez being the most prominent of them. Her power-set would also be the perfect backdoor for Doctor Strange to find a new (and potentially dangerous) way to transverse the multiverse in the first place. Part of the film could even be Doctor Strange trying to assist her with her powers and ending up spiraling through the multiverse as a result. But more than just teaming up with Doctor Strange, Chavez could be a major character going forward for the MCU.

Coupled with the earlier news that Hulkling will also be making his MCU debut soon in WandaVision, it looks increasingly like Marvel is heading towards a Young Avengers team. Teddy’s eventual boyfriend Billy is also expected to appear in that series, along with his brother Tommy. The children of the Scarlet Witch both become heroes in their own right – Billy as the magical Wiccan and Tommy as the super-fast Speed.

Cassie Lang – who eventually goes by Stature and then Stinger in the comics – has already been introduced in the MCU and, thanks to the events of Avengers: Endgame, has become a teenager herself. Then there’s the Hawkeye series that’s set to introduce the new Hawkeye, Kate Bishop. Give or take a few members (there’s a growing suspicion amongst some in The Illuminerdi that Teen Loki might be introduced in the Loki Disney+ show), that’s a pretty strong Young Avengers lineup.

Outside of her role on that team, America has also been a prominent member of the Ultimates alongside other Marvel heavy-hitters like Black Panther and Captain Marvel and of the Secret Wars incarnation of A-Force (the Avengers team comprised of all women). America Chavez is one of the most important young heroes in the current Marvel Universe, and it looks like she could be reaching that same level of prominence in the films sooner rather than later.

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