Who Should Play Poison Ivy in Birds of Prey 2?

A sequel to Birds of Prey needs to add Poison Ivy to the mix for Harley Quinn's sake. But who would be the perfect actress to play her? Here are a few.
poison ivy and harley quinn

Potential Poison Ivy Candidates

Emma Stone as “Poison Ivy” has been in a number of fancasts, and we agree that she has the acting chops to pull it off. While age shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to casting this role, we definitely want to see someone who appears both “worldly” and somewhat “otherworldly”.

Speaking of actors who skew out of the norm, here is one Janelle Monáe who has been a silent rising star over the past several years. Many have fancasted fellow singer Rihanna for the role, but if we’re going to have a hybrid here: I’m going for Janelle Monáe.

Two words, one movie: Knock Knock, starring Ana De Armas and Keanu Reeves. Ana is a mixture of whacky, mischievous, and downright dangerous in the film.

Miss Jean Grey and Queen of the North, Sophie Turner should probably step aside for someone who hasn’t already been in two popular franchises, but I couldn’t help throwing her into the mix. Sure, she skews younger than one would like, but her performance in Game of Thrones proves that she can act beyond her age. Just don’t force her to do an American accent.

Euphoria proved that this former Disney princess can do daaaaaark. So much so that I would like to see her crossover into Gotham City. Everytime I see Zendaya on the red carpet, I am completely mesmerized. I can see Harley being smitten with her at first sight. Jared Leto who?

A little bit of Gossip Girl’s Serena Van Der Woodsen, and a little bit of A Simple Favor’s Emily. Put them together and you have a nice recipe for a decent portrayal of Poison Ivy.

I feel like Logan Browning should be a bigger star than she is. With a stunning performance in the Netflix series Dear White People and film The Perfection, Browning has shown that she can be all facets of Dr. Pamela Isley.

Here are some honorable mentions from my colleagues at The Illuminerdi:

Braxter Timberlake – Gugu Mbatha Raw
Josh Goldman – Alexandra DaDario
Kat – Joey King, Olivia Holt, Aisha Dee, and Maisie Williams

Do you agree with this list or disagree? Tell us who you want to see play Poison Ivy in the next Birds of Prey, or in the DCEU overall. Eva Green would be great too, no?


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