Fans React To San Diego Comic Con’s Official Cancellation

Disappointed but not surprised about San Diego Comic Con officially cancelling the 2020 event? You're not alone, and The Illuminerdi has gathered fan reactions.
San Diego Comic Con

Yesterday we received the news, which shouldn’t have been a shock to anyone, that for the first time in its 50 year history, San Diego Comic Con is cancelled.

While we may have been a bit harsh in their alleged delay in making this announcement, there are of course contract issues that needed to be sorted out. The biggest being the rental of the San Diego Convention Center. Despite numerous fan complaints that the San Diego Convention Center is too small to host Comic Con (this writer disagrees), both CCI and the city of San Diego extended their contract until 2024 last year.

The cost of renting the entire convention center with the amenities that you see and use there is reported to be well over half a million dollars. CCI runs non-profit conventions, meaning every dollar that they charge an attendee goes back into its operation. The organization certainly needed time to get its ducks in a row.

How Are We Feeling?

While the announcement was to be expected, that certainly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt the heart of fans, and creators. It also certainly hurts that hearts and pockets of exhibitors, although the SDCC Unofficial Blog will be running an online exhibit hall similar to what they did for Wondercon exhibitors. CCI will be sure to do their part as well promising to hold an online event.

Without further ado, here are some most notable fan and creator reactions online.

This one brings back MEMORIES! I was lucky to make it into Hall H for the very first time, granted the motivation was for that evening’s X-Men: Days of Future Past panel, but WB REALLY KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK THAT DAY! The room was shaking, we were jumping on chairs, screaming, laughing, high fiving each other….ok getting sad again. Let’s move on.

San Diego Comic Con 2021, Here We Come

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There isn’t as much #nerdrage as can be expected with this type of announcement. Of course you have the “it’s too early to cancel summer events” group, but they are in the minority. We’re all collectively mourning human losses and the loss of normality.

Yesterday’s SDCC cancellation announcement was closely followed by Anime Expo’s cancellation. Although, CCI had postponed Wondercon back in March, the organization have also decided to move forward with the event in March of 2021 instead of later this year. San Diego Comic Con and the infamous Hall H will be back July 22nd-25th 2021. Anyone that scored a badge for this year will be able to carry it over to next year’s event or can request a refund. If you booked a hotel through OnPeak the “non-refundable” clause will be voided. Please give CCI patience when it comes to processing your requests.

What convention will be cancelled next? Star Wars Celebration? Let us know what convention in your community you think will be getting a cancellation announcement in the coming weeks


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