Power Rangers Beast Morphers: Did Twitter Accidentally Reveal A New Ranger?

A twitter exchange with Power Rangers' Kristina Ho may have just revealed who the next Green Ranger is on Beast Morphers. Is it possible?
Green Beast Morpher Ranger

A new Ranger for Power Rangers Beast Morphers might have been accidentally revealed. The possible new Ranger might also be a character who is already on the show.

On Twitter, an exchange was found tagging the actress Kristina Ho. She plays Betty on Power Rangers Beast Morphers. The tag referenced Ho in relation to a college film project she did in 2016. The thing that makes this tweet special is that it referenced her as being the current Green Power Ranger.

Beast Morphers

And there it is. They might have just accidentally revealed that Kristina will become a Ranger in Beast Morphers.


A New Green Ranger for Power Rangers Beast Morphers?

Kristina Ho in power rangers

Of course, take this with a grain of salt. it could also be just a friend saying Kristina is on Power Rangers, and maybe they just think she is a Green Ranger. I do hope Kristina and Cosme become Rangers showing Hasbro wants to change things up and give the Bulk and Skull type characters powers. Are you excited at the possibility of a new Ranger? Do you want Kristina and Cosme to become Rangers?

Green Beast Morpher Ranger

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