Shout! Factory releasing Edgy suspense series B: The Beginning Blu-ray with Ultimate Collection

The Netflix original anime, B: The Beginning, is getting a Blu-Ray and digital download release thanks to Shout! Factory on October 6.
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The Netflix original anime, B: The Beginning, is getting a Blu-Ray and digital download release thanks to Shout! Factory on October 6. The edgy crime drama is packed with intense action and dark horrific scenes. The series will be available to purchase, so that the visually stunning show can be an amazing added to any anime collection that many fans have.

The anime series was created by Production I.G and was first released worldwide by Netflix on March 2, 2018. Animator and Character designer, Kazuto Nakazawa, was also one the creators of the series and is known for designing many characters for various animes, including Samurai Champloo.


The series follows genius investigator, Keith Flick, as he rejoins the royal police force, however, he does so due to the appearance of an elusive serial killer named “Killer B”. Keith is also joined by the mysterious youth, Koku, but its uncertain whether she may be an ally or a target.

B: The Beginning Has More In Store

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As you may already know, B: THE BEGINNING, the gripping and edgy crime procedural series, is Shout’s top priority home entertainment release this fall. The series is recognized for its distinctive genre-bending storytelling, B: THE BEGINNING SEASON ONE, packed with bonus content, arrives on national home entertainment shelves at Walmart and digital download to own on October 6, 2020 from Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Anime Limited.

Moreover, Shout! Factory will also release B: THE BEGINNING – THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION on the same day. This limited-edition set comes housed in a visually striking slipcase, with three art cards and a 160-page hardback book. The book is a comprehensive series bible, packed with information about every element of B: The Beginning’s world and story, taking fans behind the scenes of its production with staff interviews, character designs, background artwork, location information and more.

Featured in a deluxe disc portfolio will be the Blu-ray of the complete first season, the pilot film that inspired the series, a special interview with director Nakazawa, original soundtrack on CD (featuring 21 tracks, including the previously unreleased “Farewell to the Black-winged King”), and more.


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