Matt Hardy Wants To End His Career In AEW With Jeff

Current AEW wrestler Matt Hardy wants to end his long and distinguished wrestling career in AEW and with Jeff Hardy by his side.
AEW Matt Hardy

Current AEW wrestler Matt Hardy wants to end his long and distinguished wrestling career in AEW and with Jeff Hardy by his side.

Matt Hardy is 46 years old so his career is definitely coming to an end. His high flying style he popularized with his brother Jeff means that end is coming sooner rather than later.  


Matt recently did an ask me anything on his Twitch stream and posted it on his Youtube, MATTHARDYBRAND. The topic of his retirement came up and how he wanted to retire.

“The gimmick I would like to end my career on, and I’m pretty confident in saying this, I would like to finish my career teaming with my brother as the Hardy Boyz,” Matt said. “Real life Matt and real life Jeff just doing our thing. That is, I feel like, a beautiful way to tie up a career. It’s probably going to be 30 years for both of us, probably over 30 years when it’s all said and done. To go out the way you came in, that’s super cool. I would like to finish my career with Jeff Hardy, my brother, as a team.

To correct the record, I would love to have Jeff Hardy come to AEW just so we could team together and there’s a lot of great teams there. A proper Hardy Boyz vs. The Young Bucks feud would be amazing.” H/T To Wrestling Inc For Transcription 

WWE Matt Hardy
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The Young Bucks Should Be The Ones To Retire The Hardy Boyz

Currently Jeff is under contract with WWE while Matt is with AEW. Therefore this retirement feud is still a little ways out if it does happen like Matt wants.  However, I can’t think of a better team to have their last feud with than the Young Bucks.

The Young Bucks are basically a younger version of the Hardys. They are real life brothers and one of them is named Matt, the other is Nick but still. The Young Bucks have a very flashy high flying style similar to the Hardys. They have even admitted how much the Hardys influenced their style. However, the best part of this possible feud is that the Young Bucks are one of the best tag teams in the world if not THE best.

The Hardy Boyz May Only Be The Greatest Tag Team Of All Time

The Hardy Boyz are one of the greatest tag teams of all time and most certainly in the top three of the 2000s. Personally I would say the top two beating Edge and Christian.  Their career spans all the way back to 1998 in WWE and have stayed relevant throughout no matter what promotion they wrestled with.


Their success also came from their singles work. Most tag teams can’t make singles runs work.  However, they can and can reform the tag team and still win gold. Jeff won the WWE Championship once as a singles wrestler and the World Heavyweight Championship twice. However, not to be out done Matt developed the best gimmick of the last ten years with his Broken Matt Hardy character in TNA/IMPACT.

Even though AEW is Matt’s new home and he wants it to be Jeff’s home as well, WWE fans will always love them. Matt talked about the Hardy Boyz return in 2017 at WrestleMania 33 and the pop they got.

WWE The Hardy Boyz
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“It was really overwhelming,” Matt said. “There was so much adrenaline flowing through my body, this thing had been kept a really good secret, we didn’t show up until a match before our show at the venue and then they snuck us onto a bus outside, we had a few minutes there. Right before we made our entrance they rushed us into the building with pink hoodies on and we were running up the stairs, a couple people saw us along the way and said ‘Oh my god, it’s the Hardyz!’ Running up these stairs, getting up to Gorilla [position] which was up three flights of stairs and were getting ready to walk out in front of this massive crowd. 

“I haven’t seen the venue, I haven’t seen the crowd. I have no idea what it looks like really. Typically, when you’re a WWE wrestler or at an AEW show, whatever it may be, you’re there all throughout the day preparing. Typically when the crowd comes in you peek out the curtain, you look at the monitor, everybody does that and you know what the crowd/venue looks like so you have an idea. We had no idea. We had run up all these stairs, adrenaline pumping like crazy, Jeff’s super nervous I remember. It was our first time back seeing Vince in person and seeing Michael Hayes and Shawn Michaels, saying hello very quickly and then within a few seconds, bam, our music hits. Whenever we walk through that curtain and you see this sea of humanity. I’m getting goosebumps talking right now, it feels like a dream even in my mind.”

I remember watching that live and hearing rumors that the Hardy Boyz may be coming back to WWE soon, but it was still a really cool moment.  

Do you think Matt and the Hardy Boyz should retire in AEW or should they do it in WWE? Do you think Jeff will ever make his way to AEW? Do you think the Young Bucks should be their final feud or is there a better tag team for that honor? Swanton Bomb on those keys and let us know what you think.


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