Staged Hints at Season 3 in Sly Fashion with New Video

Are we getting Staged Season 3 or another lockdown because of Simon?

In 2020 when the world felt bleak and isolated due to a growing pandemic, Staged came in like a wrecking ball of laughs. The show followed the friendship of David Tennant and Michael Sheen as they battled through their own issues locked inside, while also rehearsing for a play. The dynamic duo had made quite a name for themselves during their brilliant performances in Good Omens, leaving fans constantly asking for more content of them together.

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When Staged debuted, it was an instant hit. Every episode balanced the slipping sanity we were all feeling as humanity, family members, and stressed individuals with a sense of comradery that even if we felt it, we were not alone. Another great aspect of the show was it felt less like a TV series, and more relatable because of how it was filmed. Using both of their real families, in their homes, and set up as a slew of zoom calls.

Check out this clip from season 1 with Judi Dench as a guest appearance:

In 2021, as the world continued to grapple with the pandemic, Season 2 debuted. If you haven’t already you can watch both seasons on Hulu. With fans hooked at this point, people started to question if there would be a Season 3. Especially as the world started to open back up and like we saw with Tennant and Sheen, start transitioning back into working OUT of the house. This left a lot of fans accepting the fate that Staged was probably wrapped up for good.

That was until Friday night when a new video dropped.

Staged Season 3 Discussion or An Omen of Another Lockdown?

The first noticeable thing is the hair coloring on both. Leaving Good Omens fans in anticipation of what is to come next for that series. But this wasn’t just a cute message about the New Year. This was a conversation about the much-needed discussion regarding Season 3 of Staged. And let it be known, it isn’t just the wives that want it to happen. We all want it!

And this clip only makes the want burn even more. While no information about Staged Season 3 is in the clip. The fact that it surrounds the idea of trying to get the two onboard, is enough for many fans to feel the tinge of excitement that an announcement might be around the corner. Now will the announcement be regarding another shutdown or just a new season, only time will tell.


What do you think they’re talking about in the video? Did the BBC know about lockdown ahead of time? Would a British lockdown affect the US? Let us know what you think in the comments below and share your love of Staged with us on Twitter.

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