Mist Legacy Is A New And Unique Twist on MMORPG

Lose yourself in the mysterious world of Myriaden when you dive into the Mist Legacy MMORPG.

Lose yourself in the mysterious world of Myriaden when you dive into Mist Legacy. This MMORPG merges all of the best traits from across the gaming realms to make a free and fun game to play.

Mist Legacy Gameplay

Avid tabletop gamers will enjoy the RPG style of Mist Legacy. Including the top-down map, allowing for easy travel for your avatar. Choosing between running from one point to the other with the stroke of the keys or just clicking your end destination, players will journey through a variety of locations as if they were a piece on a board. Another great aspect to the map is not everything is visible from the start. This leads the player to make sure they truly are exploring all of the different areas to find a multitude of materials needed for crafting and to complete quests.


But it isn’t just the fun excitement of exploration that will leave players coming back for more. Mist Legacy truly is an old fashioned RPG with storybook qualities and a skill-based progression system. Everything you do is based around your skills. Including equipping gear, crafting, fighting, and exploring different areas or items. With no set classes, you are not limited in how your character will progress. And you raise those skills by choosing certain answers to a variety of situations from a large collection of characters, using certain skills through quests or story points, and of course diving into combat.

Mist Legacy Dives Right In

Engaging in combat, your view will change to a turn-based and multiplayer system. With up to five players in a party, this game allows you to team up with your friends or party it up by recruiting NPCs to join you. This is a great idea for solo players so they are still able to face the tougher bosses when needed and have a better chance to skill up.

Currently, Mist Legacy is in Early Access on Steam and can be downloaded here. Developed by Virtys, this game has a lot to offer. For example special events that allow for players to collect time sensitive goodies to add a little more pizazz to their game play. Currently you can find the Valantom shop event which is setting the mood for spring.

But one of the most amazing things it offers is an open dialogue between the creators and players. With a small team handling the development, it appears they are working hard to take all the feedback they can to make this a game everyone will love. With frequent updates to make sure things run smoothly, a new intro adventure has been added to help new players understand the basics in this unique MMO experience.

Mist Legacy has a lot of things going for it and can be a game for a wide selection of players. From ultimate beginners who might be too nervous to jump into games like World of Warcraft, tabletop lovers, any and all fans of RPGS, fans of crafters/gatherers, and even for players who might be looking for an easy, relaxing break between longer gaming sessions; Mist Legacy has something for everyone.

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