Kombinera Review: New Game Is A Puzzle Masterpiece

Kombinera is the game for people who love puzzles. Read our review here!
kombinera game review

Kombinera is the game for people who love puzzles.

Before you know it, hours will have gone by and you will need to force yourself to turn off the game. Atari’s new game, Kombinera is colorful, simply designed, and mind bending puzzlerific. And it’s available starting today on Nintendo Switch, Windows Pc via Steam and Epic, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Atari VCS, and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Kombinera is inspired by the puzzle games of Atari’s golden era, easy-to-learn but difficult-to master. In this game you will have control over a variety of colored orbs and the ability to move right or left. As well as the ability to jump or super jump over platforms.


This might sound easy at first, but that is before you realize that the orbs will move in unison which could lead to quick resets.

Kombinera Builds With You

The game starts off slowly with two colors introduced. Different color orbs do allow for different skills in regards to environmental threats. For example the pink orb is able to go through spikes, while the green orb can block missiles. Because the design is so simple, it’s clear what the orb does due to it being color coded.

kombinera review

Every orb has their own skill set and job to accomplish in the puzzle. Which means that players don’t only have to focus on getting the orbs together, but also be aware of the steps needed to finish the puzzle. This is where taking a second to really look over the maze might come in handy. Might is the keyword, because Kombinera is great at misleading the player.

To help with misleading the focus, they have also added a crown on some levels for players to try and get. Sometimes it feels as if it is impossible to be able to win the puzzle and get the crown, but that is where the real fun is. As well as the frustration. Nothing is more annoying than planning on going for the crown, only to accidentally complete the level.

One thing this game is great at, is challenging players to think outside the box. There are puzzles that seem so straightforward on how it should be accomplished. That you will try over and over and over again the same method, just to keep dying. And then when you try something else, something so simple and easy…BAM level achieved.

Take our advice and do not get so locked into doing it one way. There are no lives in this game. The worst that can happen is the puzzle resets. This allows the player to feel comfortable to try all the crazy options that might be available. Which in the end leads to hours of endless fun.

Sometimes it feels that puzzle games try too hard in today’s uber competitive gaming world. But there is something to say about the simple design of Kombinera. The first thing that catches your attention is the neon colors. This just feels like an automatic mood booster. Especially after a hard level when the multi-color star appears. Other small things that add to the spirit of this game is the ever so small gray plants in the mazes. As well as the slight orb reactions like the exclamation point when they are close to spikes or letting out a breath of air, from jumping to much.

Kombinera is a puzzle lover’s dream with over 300 puzzles. For some the challenge can be just completing the puzzle, but for others who are a little more competitive there is also a clock tracking how long it takes. Not to mention this game is safe for all ages and all levels of players.

Do you think you have what it takes to have the best time? Test or even level up your wit and problem-solving skills with Kombinera today.