SPD EMERGENCY: Panic spreads Among SPD Fans Ahead Of Power Rangers’ 30th Anniversary

Fans of the Power Rangers franchise as the year that Power Rangers SPD is set in draws closer. Fans of Power Rangers have been concerned regarding the main timeline of Power Rangers since 2025 is when the events of Power Rangers SPD take place. The next series, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, is set for release in 2023 but the continuity of events have yet to be solved.  
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As the year that Power Rangers SPD is set in draws nearer, fans raise their concerns regarding the main timeline of Power Rangers since 2025 is when the events of Power Rangers SPD take place. The next series, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, is set for release in 2023 but the continuity of events has yet to be acknowledged.  

Power Rangers SPD was the 13th series/season in the franchise, which was adapted from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. Unlike like the Sentai counterpart, the season was set two decades into the future when aliens and people around the galaxy have been integrated into Earth’s society. SPD is a special police force that deals with intergalactic crimes, with Power Rangers as a special elite squad to deal with extreme threats. The series started in 2005 but was set in the year 2025, 20 years into the future. 


There are key facts that are placed in this series that has been an outstanding plot hole that has become bigger as each year passes. There have been many instances that continue the story for the team in different shows and comics, but there has only been one prequel event involving Piggy in Power Rangers Mystic Force. Most other appearances have always been in the future after SPD has saved the planet, including Bridge returning in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive as the red Ranger as a result of a promotion in the ranks.  

Concern for SPD in Timeline escalates 

Power Rangers SPD

As the 13th season was set in 2025, there are many storyline facts that have yet to be established, which include the SPD Earth Branch starting and the Ranger origins. The main focus on the 30th Anniversary is expected to be related to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers only, but there are nearly only 2 years left until the year dawns for the events of the SPD rangers. Characters such as Kat Manx played by Michelle Langstone have also been in the 13th installment for a long time.

Here are the instances set in the series that have yet to be addressed, including key moments mentioned in Episode 8. 

  • Earth Branch first established 
  • Kat’s secret cellular enhancers experiment with colleagues resulted in Powers for their children, who end up becoming the SPD B-Squad Rangers 
  • Different species on Earth, including at school as seen in Yellow Ranger, Z’s past as a child 
  • The A-Squad Rangers in their prime, before being seduced by evil 

Fans are not the only ones concerned about the continuity and representing SPD in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. The stars of the series also see the missed potential for having SPD included in the 30th-anniversary series. Matt Austin-Sadowski played as SPD Green Ranger, Bridge, in Power Rangers SPD and sees that the continuity needs to be addressed. The Ranger actor posted on social media to share his concern about the missed opportunity, however, he is mistaken. SPD is set in 2025, not 2023.


As Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is the big 30th anniversary season during 2023, the show could get away with mentioning it during their adventures in space. However, it is likely that the Rangers will return to Earth on occasion meaning that the continuity still needs to be addressed. This is especially the case for the Rangers of SPD, who grew up with other species other than humans. Hasbro may have the plan to ensure the continuity is addressed but fans will continue to worry unless announcements are made. 

Considering the ending of Power Rangers Dino Fury in the 2nd season, there is already a little groundwork that aliens have begun settling on Earth. This is due to the Rafkonians that are seen in the finale episode as they transform Area 52 into a home, with Aiyon opening a restaurant without hiding his extra-terrestrial heritage. It would not take much to establish the existence of SPD’s Earth Branch, but the franchise needs to address the history set by past shows. 

Power Rangers Comic Fury is the latest season of the franchise coming in 2023. The show will continue the story with the Dino Fury Rangers with a new adventure in space. This will be the 30th anniversary series of Power Rangers, which will be released on Netflix worldwide. The date of release has yet to be announced by Hasbro or Netflix. 

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

What do you think of the continuity of Power Rangers SPD? Do you think events should be established in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury? How do you think the Earth branch of the SPD story should be set? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more content like this, we’re always watching. 



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