Legend Of The White Dragon Unveils Exclusive Film Trailer, Starring Jason David Frank

Legend Of The White Dragon highlights Jason David Frank's last movie with an epic new trailer at SDCC.
Legend Of The White Dragon

Legend Of The White Dragon has released a powerful new trailer marking Jason David Frank’s last appearance. The latest teaser trailer was revealed during the San Diego Comic-Con event this year, with a better look at the upcoming release that the iconic actor poured his soul into. Details have also been revealed including the highly anticipated film to be released in 2024, instead of JDF’s birthday. 

Jason David Frank was renowned for their role as the legendary Ranger, Tommy Oliver, featuring in many suits for the Power Rangers franchise. His legendary status was elevated when he participated in Bat in the Sun’s Super Power Beat Down series as the Green Ranger and even the White Ranger. This led to work on his own superhero concept as the movie began as a Kickstarter campaign, allowing the actor to create a new character with the same tokusatsu vibe fans loved. In November 2022, the news of JDF’s death devastated family, friends, and the superhero community, but the production team decided to finish the movie to honor him and the fans supporting his last role.

Legend Of The White Dragon Reveals New Feature-Full Teaser 

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Falling Forward Films, a leading independent entertainment company, Bascule Entertainment, and Bat in the Sun Productions premiered an exclusive film trailer for the much-anticipated 2024 release of Legend Of The White Dragon, during their panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, July 22, at 5:30 PM before hundreds of die-hard fans. This highly anticipated action-adventure fantasy film promises to captivate audiences worldwide with its thrilling storyline, stunning visuals, and exceptional performances, which include Jason David Frank’s final appearance before his tragic death late last year. 

The exclusive film trailer provides a tantalizing glimpse into the gripping world created by visionary writer-director Aaron Schoenke. From the first frame to the last, audiences will be drawn into the captivating narrative that unfolds in Legend Of The White Dragon

“We are extremely excited to unveil the exclusive film trailer and film clip for Legend Of The White Dragon. It has been a labor of love for everyone involved, and we believe that audiences will be captivated by the rich storytelling, breathtaking visuals, and exceptional performances in this film. We can’t wait for fans around the world to experience the magic of this feature.” 

Director, Aaron Schoenke.

Legend Of The White Dragon features, Mark Dacascos (John Wick III), King Bach (Walking Dead, Greenland), Michael Madsen (Kill Bill 1&2, Sin City), David Ramsey (Arrow, The Flash). The film also stars Aaron Schoenke, Jason Faunt, Rachel Brooke Smith, Ciara Hanna, Kevin Porter, Mayling Ng, Cerina Vincent and Jenna Rae Frank (daughter of the late Jason David Frank). 

After being a fugitive on the run for three years, the White Dragon (Jason David Frank) has returned to the city he fought to protect. He must now clear his name and save the family he keeps in secret before the mysterious Dragon Prime (Aaron Schoenke) unleashes his own revenge on the White Dragon.

To learn more about the film and its upcoming release, visit the official website

Legend Of The White Dragon

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Fans have been anxiously awaiting the movie release as a bittersweet premiere for JDF’s last action-pack role. The teaser features so much amazing scenery, epic combat, and even iconic stars alongside the legendary actor. Reshoots were also revealed to be in progress for the upcoming release, which will ensure the movie will be the perfect homage to the hero that shaped the childhood of fans around the world.

There are fantastic cast of incredible actors and Ranger actors that will feature in the movie too, including Jason Faunt, Ciara Hanna, Mark Dacascos, and even David Ramsey. Jenna Frank, Jason’s daughter, will also star in this incredible action movie and has brilliantly continued spreading the hype at conventions. Although many cannot wait to see the release, it would be incredible if this concept could continue as another Superhero franchise in the future. 

Legend Of The White Dragon is a Bat in the Sun Production. Aaron and Sean Schoenke serve as producers on the film with Chris Jay executive producing. The film will be distributed by longtime distribution executive Scott Kennedy’s Falling Forward Films and will be in theatres across the US in 2024. The release date of the film as a digital or physical release has yet to be announced. 

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Bat in the Sun is an independent film and music production company founded in 2001 by Aaron Schoenke, and his father Sean Schoenke. Bat in the Sun has grown from humble beginnings to a world-renowned company with over a billion views across their social media and a rabid fan base. Their Super Power Beat Down series has received well over 700 million views and won Best Web Series at the 2015 and 2019 Geekie Awards, as well as several nominations for Streamy Awards including ‘Stunt Choreography’, ‘Action or Sci-Fi Show’, and ‘Visual Special Effects’ categories. 


Formed by industry executives with a combined 35 plus years of experience who have collectively worked on well over 350 theatrically released films, Falling Forward Films is a leader in independent film marketing and distribution. With our passionate love of film and the industry as a whole, we are a “filmmaker-friendly” company that endeavours to continue to bring creative and innovative content to the world. 


Bascule Entertainment is an independent film production company based in the UK. Since its inception, Bascule Entertainment has aimed to invest in, develop, support and produce high quality independent films, whilst promoting inclusive filmmaking practices. 

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