‘A Very Good Girl’ Sets US Release and a New Dawn for Filipino Cinema on 10/6

ABS-CBN announces the U.S. release of its latest film, A Very Good Girl, starring Dolly de Leon and Kathryn Bernardo, marking a milestone in global accessibility of Filipino content and celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Cinema.
A Very Good Girl

ABS-CBN, the leading media and entertainment organization in the Philippines, has announced the release of its latest film, A Very Good Girl, in select theaters across the United States on October 6. The film features Golden Globe Award and BAFTA Award Nominee Dolly de Leon (A Triangle of Sadness, Verdict, Historya ni Ha) and Asian Box Office Superstar Kathryn Bernardo (Hello, Love, Goodbye and Barcelona: A Love Untold).

A Very Good Girl Official Trailer

Directed by Petersen Vargas and penned by Marianne Mancol, Daniel Saniana, and Jumbo Albano, A Very Good Girl is a gripping narrative centered around two self-made women navigating their lives around each other. After a ruthless firing triggers a series of unfortunate events, Philo (Bernardo) meticulously plots revenge against retail mogul, Mother Molly (de Leon), with the aim of dismantling her empire and achieving the ultimate payback. This time, there will be no mercy.

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Global Accessibility and a Milestone Celebration

This release marks ABS-CBN’s ongoing commitment to making Filipino content accessible globally. It also commemorates the 30th anniversary of Star Cinema, a film studio, film & television production company, and film distributor based in the Philippines.

ABS-CBN Corporation is a media and entertainment organization in the Philippines primarily involved in the production of entertainment, feature films, news, and information, and audio content for domestic and international audiences. ABS-CBN produces and distributes its programs, feature films, and music on various platforms such as cable and satellite TV, domestic free TV through partnerships with local broadcasters and third-party digital platforms, as well as traditional box-office releases.

ABS-CBN also distributes content through its streaming service, iWantTFC, and through co-production and syndication agreements with international streaming platforms, broadcasters, and cable and satellite programmers. Related businesses include artist and talent management as well as concerts and events.

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Star Cinema, also known as ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc, is the premier Filipino film production and distribution outfit. Currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, the company, founded in 1993, has produced over 200 films in various genres, all tailored to suit the preferences of Filipinos of all ages and walks of life, globally. ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. aims to deliver quality film entertainment to Filipino moviegoers while strengthening market leadership, profitability, and internal organization.

A Very Good Girl is not just a film; it is a testament to the resilience and creativity of Filipino cinema. As ABS-CBN and Star Cinema continue to create and distribute content that resonates with audiences worldwide, they reaffirm their commitment to bringing Filipino culture and stories to the global stage.

About A Very Good Girl

A Very Good Girl

Release: October 6, 2023 (USA)
Directed by: Petersen Vargas
Penned by: Marianne Mancol, Daniel Saniana, and Jumbo Albano,
Production: Star Cinema
Distribution: ABS-CBN
Cast: Dolly de Leon, Kathryn Bernardo, Ana Abad Santos, Nour Hooshmand, Angel Aquino, Chienna, Filomeno, Gillian Vicencio, Donna Cariaga, Kaori Oinuma, Jake Ejercito

Directed by Petersen Vargas and written by Marianne Mancol, ‘A Very Good Girl’ features two self-made women and follows them as they navigate their lives around each other. After a heartless firing triggers a chain of unfortunate events, Philo (Bernardo) plots a meticulous revenge against retail mogul, Mother Molly (de Leon), aiming to dismantle her empire and seize the ultimate payback. This time, there is no mercy.

What are your thoughts on the global accessibility of Filipino content? How do you think A Very Good Girl will be received by international audiences? Are you excited about the 30th anniversary of Star Cinema? Let us know your thoughts on social media!

Source: ABS-CBN Star Cinema

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***Update 9/12: Date moved up from October 13 to October 6, 2023


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