ONCE UPON A STUDIO Made Sure to Honor All The Performers and Not Use AI

Discover the intricate process behind reviving the iconic voices in 'Once Upon a Studio,' and how the creators ensured authenticity while paying tribute to Disney's rich history
Once Upon a Studio

Disney’s animated short, Once Upon a Studio, is not just a visual treat but also an auditory journey through time. The creators faced the monumental task of bringing back the voices of iconic characters, some of whom were voiced by actors no longer with us. The dedication to authenticity and the innovative techniques used to achieve this are a testament to the team’s commitment to preserving Disney’s rich legacy.

No AI, Just Pure Talent

In an era where artificial intelligence is often used to recreate voices, the creators of Once Upon a Studio took a different route. Yvett Merino proudly stated, “There was no AI in the making of this show. I have to give a round of applause. Yeah, it’s really fun.” This decision to avoid AI showcases the team’s dedication to authenticity and the human touch.

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The challenge was not just about recreating voices but ensuring they sounded exactly as audiences remembered them. Trent Correy emphasized the meticulous approach they took, saying, “Very persnickety. We were. Because we realized you only get seconds with each character so they needed to look and sound exactly how you remember them.” This attention to detail ensured that each character, no matter how brief their appearance, resonated with viewers.

Masterful Sound Engineering

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Some lines from the original films were used, requiring innovative sound engineering to isolate voices from their original contexts. Trent Correy shared an example, “I really wanted Cliff Edwards for Jiminy Cricket at the end. I didn’t want to get a sound-alike, so they had to strip away the music from his original recording digitally, some scientist masterminds were able to figure that out.” This dedication to preserving the original voices, even through complex technical processes, showcases the team’s commitment to authenticity.

Once Upon a Studio is more than just an animated short; it’s a labor of love that pays homage to Disney’s storied past. The painstaking efforts to authentically recreate the voices of beloved characters ensure that the magic of Disney continues to resonate with audiences of all ages.

About Once Upon a Studio

Once Upon a Studio

Premiere Date: October 15, 2023
Directors: Trent Correy, Dan Abraham
Writers: Trent Correy, Dan Abraham
Producers: Yvett Merino, Bradford, Simonsen
Cinematography: John Hasbrook, Daniel Rice
Music By: Dave Metzger
Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Runtime: 9 Minutes

An all-star ensemble of beloved characters from Walt Disney Animation Studios come together
in “Once Upon a Studio” for a joyful, entertaining and emotional reunion as they assemble for a
spectacular group photo to mark Disney’s 100th anniversary. Featuring 543 characters from
more than 85 Disney feature-length and short films, “Once Upon a Studio” welcomes heroes
and villains, princes and princesses, sidekicks and sorcerers—in all-new hand-drawn and CG
animation—to celebrate 10 decades of storytelling, artistry and technological achievements.
Written and directed by Dan Abraham and Trent Correy and produced by Yvett Merino and
Bradford Simonsen, “Once Upon a Studio” makes it broadcast debut on ABC on Oct. 15, 2023.

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