57 SECONDS Unleashes the Power of Blogging – Director Rusty Cundieff’s Unique Choice of Protagonist

Dive into Director Rusty Cundieff’s creative process in crafting a relatable blogger protagonist, adding a modern twist to the sci-fi narrative of '57 Seconds.'
57 Seconds

In the realm of science fiction, heroes come in many forms. In 57 Seconds, director Rusty Cundieff introduces us to a protagonist not commonly at the forefront of sci-fi epics: a blogger. This choice of character is both innovative and reflective of the digital age, embodying the power of online journalism and social media in shaping narratives and uncovering truths. Cundieff’s decision to center the story around a blogger is a testament to the film’s contemporary relevance and its embrace of modern storytelling elements.

Choosing a Blogger: A Modern Hero

57 Seconds

“Oh, you know what? That’s interesting. No one’s ever asked me that before,” Cundieff remarked when asked about his choice of protagonist. His thoughtful approach to character development is evident as he explains the process of creating a character that audiences could root for, one who uses the digital platform as a weapon against societal evils.

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Crafting a Relatable Journey

57 Seconds

The director’s vision was to create a character who, despite possessing extraordinary power, remained grounded and relatable. The blogger, in his quest for justice and truth, becomes a symbol of resistance against powerful adversaries. Cundieff’s protagonist is not just a character in a film but a reflection of the power dynamics prevalent in the digital age, symbolizing the impact of online voices in challenging powerful entities.

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The blogger’s journey is not just personal one, but it is also a representation of the broader struggle against systemic injustices perpetuated by powerful corporations.

“So, you know part of trying to figure out how to make this kind of reprehensible character from the short story work in the film was coming up with something that he was trying to accomplish that we could kind of root for him to accomplish.”

-Rusty Cundieff, Director of ’57 Seconds’-

The Power of Online Journalism

57 Seconds

57 Seconds is not merely a sci-fi adventure; it is a tribute to the power of online journalism and the impact of digital voices in contemporary society. The film, through its unique protagonist, emphasizes the significance of online platforms in facilitating dialogues, uncovering truths, and challenging established narratives. This choice of character underscores the film’s commitment to portraying realistic, relatable characters whose struggles resonate with contemporary audiences.

“He could be a blogger. He could be a health blogger that’s trying to out this company, that’s trying to out this this company and probably I’m trying to think of all the things that were happening that would have pulled me that way. But you know, we’re dealing with the social media situation… and everything that was going on in our politics, which you know, we had just gone through ‘Hey, is Russia helping get presidents elected over here?” and you know, all of that stuff.

So social media and blogs -at that time, I was a big Huffington Post reader.- They all kind of just kind of were up in my head and I was like, oh, okay, wait, if he’s a blogger, then that gives him an excuse to kind of go after this guy even without a lot of power, but you know, kind of behind a digital curtain, so to speak.”

-Rusty Cundieff, Director of ’57 Seconds’-

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The ability to chase down a dragon that you obviously have no regular means of slaying, or even finding, became incredibly apparent, personable, and understandable with this character choice. One that I personally relate to a lot, and sure many can easily connect with.

In 57 Seconds, Rusty Cundieff has masterfully woven the threads of science fiction with elements of contemporary digital culture, creating a tapestry of narrative innovation and contemporary relevance. The choice of a blogger as the protagonist is a brilliant testament to the film’s modern approach, ensuring its appeal and resonance with a digitally savvy audience. Through this character, the film celebrates the power of online journalism and the indomitable spirit of individuals in the face of formidable adversaries.

57 Seconds is out now in theaters and digital on demand.

About 57 Seconds

57 Seconds

IN THEATERS: September 29, 2023
ON DIGITAL: September 29, 2023
DIRECTOR: Rusty Cundieff
SCREENPLAY BY: Macon Blair and Rusty Cundieff 
RUN TIME: 99 minutes
RATING: R for violence and language
GENRE: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
CAST: Josh Hutcherson, Greg Germann, Lovie Simone, Bevin Bru, Sammi Rotibi, Morgan Freeman

Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) and Academy Award® winner Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby) star in this heart-racing action thriller. When a tech blogger discovers a time-altering device, he unleashes its power to rewrite the past and seek revenge against the ruthless corporate empire that destroyed his family. But his actions soon trigger a terrifying chain of events, propelling him into a pulse-pounding battle for survival where every second counts.

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