Disney Animation’s “Wish Wednesdays” Unveils New Song “Knowing What I Know Now”

Disney's "Wish" introduces the captivating song "Knowing What I Know Now," setting the stage for an enchanting soundtrack and film experience.

Disney Animation Studios and Disney Music Group have just released their latest song, “Knowing What I Know Now,” as part of the “Wish Wednesdays” series. This new track, available on various digital platforms, is a prelude to the highly anticipated soundtrack release of the upcoming film Wish, set to hit theaters on November 22.

A Musical Masterpiece

“Knowing What I Know Now” is performed by Ariana DeBose as Asha, Angelique Cabral as Queen Amaya, and other cast members of Wish. The song, written by Grammy®-nominated Julia Michaels and Grammy®-winning Benjamin Rice, captures a pivotal moment in the film. It’s the final song revealed in the weekly music rollout, setting the stage for the film’s U.S. release.

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Director Chris Buck describes “Knowing What I Know Now” as a rallying cry that underscores Asha’s journey and the support she garners in her quest against the formidable king. Julia Michaels adds that the song reflects a moment of awakening, where Asha’s friends and community join her in reclaiming their wishes. Benjamin Rice praises the song for its raw energy and emotional depth, particularly highlighting the powerful bridge that encapsulates the teens’ struggle.

The Soundtrack Release


The Wish Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, featuring all seven songs from the film, will be available on streaming platforms this Friday. Fans can pre-order the CD and vinyl, and a special 10” Star Die-Cut Picture Disc is also available for pre-order, exclusively at Disney Music Emporium, releasing on December 1, 2023.

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With “Knowing What I Know Now,” Disney Animation Studios and Disney Music Group invite audiences to immerse themselves in the magical world of Wish. The song sets the tone for what promises to be a captivating soundtrack, accompanying a film that is eagerly awaited by Disney fans worldwide.

Special Early Access Screenings


DANCING CHICKENS – In Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Wish,” Asha’s pajama-wearing goat Valentino makes the most of the magic that accompanies a little ball of boundless energy called Star. And if that means orchestrating a performance of dancing chickens, he’s all in. Featuring the Alan Tudyk as the voice of Valentino, the epic animated musical opens only in theaters on Nov. 22, 2023. © 2023 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

In anticipation of the film’s wide release, Disney offers fans a unique opportunity to experience the soundtrack at special Early Access Screenings of Wish. These screenings will take place on November 18 at 750 theaters nationwide. Tickets for both the early screenings and the wide release are available.

Get ready to experience the magic of Wish when it releases exclusively in theaters on November 22, 2023, with special early screenings on November 18, 2023. And be sure to tune in next week when we share all the behind-the-scenes information we have from the press days every day leading up to the film’s release.

About Wish


Release DateNovember 22, 2023
Directors: Chris Buck, Fawn Veerasunthorn
Writers: Jennifer Lee, Allison Moore, Produced by, Peter Del Vecho, Juan Pablo Reyes
Music: David Metzger
Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Runtime: 92 minutes
Cast: Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine, Angelique Cabral, Alan Tudyk

“Wish” is set in the kingdom of Rosas, where Asha, a sharp-witted idealist, makes a wish so powerful that it’s answered by a cosmic force—a ball of boundless energy called Star. Asha and Star confront the formidable King Magnifico to prove that when the will of one courageous human connects with the magic of the stars, wondrous things can happen.

How will “Knowing What I Know Now” resonate with audiences compared to classic Disney songs? What role does music play in enhancing the storytelling of Disney animations? And how might “Wish” contribute to the rich tapestry of Disney’s musical history?

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