FANHOME Celebrates Pop Culture’s Thrilling Iconic Characters this Holiday Season, and here’s what your missing!

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Fanhome Celebrates Pop Culture’s Most Iconic Characters and Franchises this Holiday Season with Highly Desirable Scale Model Collections and Incredibly Detailed Build-Up Replicas!

This year, Fanhome promises to give that special fan or loved one a memorable gift that will continue to deliver hours of enjoyment throughout the coming year and beyond. Collectors across the United States from all ages will receive a monthly shipment of easy-to-assemble components to construct their very own Fanhome replica of an pop culture icon.

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Each kit is incredibly detailed and features a range of captivating features, from full articulation and LED lights to remote controlled mobility and audio capabilities. These replicas are designed to be a focal point of a collection, and always a conversation starter.

Fanhome also does extensive research into the pop culture icons they offer subscriptions for, with fully detailed magazines that dive deep into the lore and behind the scenes information behind the productions that inspired these kits. So, what kits are they offering this Holiday season?

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Subscription Model)

Standing over 2 feet tall (25 inches) and depicted with lifelike realism, Fanhome’s E.T. The Extra Terrestrial was designed with the guidance of the family of Carlo Rambaldi, the talented Italian designer who brought the original character to life for the film. The completed figure features articulated arms and an extendable neck, just like in the movie.

LED capabilities include a light-up index finger and “heart light” that add to E.T.’s realistic appearance along with moveable eyes and facial expressions. The friendly face and big eyes are among the main attractions of E.T., and this replica retains the tender look that has delighted generations of fans.

The replica also includes audio features that recreate several of E.T.’s memorable quotes from the film. These functions can be activated using touchless sensors embedded in the model as well as with a remote control. The sensors are a technological advancement for Fanhome models and enhance the sensory experience when the model is completed.

The replica begins with two special kits, with the subscription starting at just $1.95 with Free Shipping in the continental United States. Following the first shipment, you will receive each new shipment, containing four kits, priced at $13.99 per kit.

To order your kit, click here:

Fanhome Marvel Subscriptions

Marvel Studios’ “Infinity Gauntlet” Subscription

Forged in the heart of the dying star Nidavellir by the last of the Dwarves Eitri (Peter Dinklage), the Infinity Gauntlet was crafted from pure Uru to hold the power of all six of the reality warping Infinity Stones. Wielded by the Mad Titan Thanos (Josh Brolin), the Infinity Gauntlet had the power to wipe half the universe from existence.

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This full-size replica of the Infinity Gauntlet features all six Infinity Stones with light up features, each lighting up just from pressing the stones into the gauntlet itself. Reproduced in astonishingly accurate detail, the Gauntlet stands at a proud 29 inches tall when completed. The subscription begins with two individual kits with a total price of $8 to start with before increasing to $13.99 for each individual kit moving forward.

Marvel Studios’ “Iron Man” Subscription

This year, celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Marvel Studios film that started it all with this amazing, fully-posable Iron Man build-up kit! Standing at 24 inches tall, this fully articulated kit comes jam-packed with all the details of Tony Stark’s Mark III armor as featured in Marvel Studios’ Iron Man.

This model also features removable and adjustable panels, allowing fans and builders to see the internal workings of the suit, including the LED powered Arc-Reactor chest piece, Rupulsor hand cannons, and the Boot Thrusters.

This subscription starts with two individual kits shipped to your home for just $4.95 with tax, before four kits, each priced at $14.95, will ship simultaneously to your home once every month. Perfect for your Marvel Studios fan!

Fanhome Star Wars Subscriptions

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Subscription

Return to a galaxy far, far away in the YT-1300 Correllian Freighter that took the world and toy shelves by storm back in 1977 with the Millennium Falcon! With a length of 32 inches and a width of 23 inches, this model was made to be an exact replica of the action model built and used in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back!

Built with resin and die-cast metal pieces, the Falcon is simple and easy to put together and features LED lights as well as a removable cockpit, landing gear, and an articulated ramp! The model is made to hang on your wall or be mounted onto your table. A fantastic addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection!

Start your subscription with the first two kits for $1.95 and continue to receive four kits every month with each kit priced at $13.99.

Star Wars “R2-D2” Subscription

Everyone’s favorite little Astromech Droid has hopped off your screen and scomped his way into your hearts with this brand new half-size model replica of R2-D2! Fanhome’s most elaborate project to date, this R2-D2 model comes with state of the art electronics that produce light-up LED features, robotic arms and legs, a turning head, and a projector that displays messages from Princess Leia (Carrie Fischer) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)!

R2-D2 also has the ability to be remote controlled and move just like the droid depicted in the Star Wars franchise, or has an AI that allows him to move on his own (personality not included). He also features speakers and microphones that allow him to respond to verbal commands and recreate iconic sounds from the films and series!

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Start your subscription today with the first two kits priced at just $4.95 before receiving four kits every month until completion, with each kit priced at $14.95!

Star Wars Encyclopedia (Out of Stock)

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Do you spend your days and nights dreaming of a galaxy far, far away? Well, you definitely need this full-bodied Encyclopedia of George Lucas’ vast universe! Spanning knowledge from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace to Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker and featuring information from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian, your knowledge will never go out of date with this encyclopedia on your office shelf!

Other Fanhome Subscription Products

Transformers “Optimus Prime” Subscription

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, and now you can roll out with the Transformers franchise’s iconic hero and Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime! Standing at 23.6 Inches tall, this screen-accurate model features LED lights, full articulation, and weaponry from the 2007 film that kicked off the franchise!

The subscription starts with 2 individual kits shipped to your home for $8, followed by four kit shipments every month, with each kit priced individually at $13.99!

Knight Rider “K.I.T.T.” Subscription

From Peter Cullen to William Daniels, relive the 80s with the cult-classic vehicle of your super-spy fantasies with the classic 1982 Pontiac Firebird K.I.T.T.! This 1:8 scale model features light up headlights, an included Remote-Control Watch just like Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) wore in the show that activates the lights and sounds of the model!

The model features accurate lights and sounds from the original 80s show, including voice lines from William Daniels in character as Knight’s faithful friend, sidekick, vehicle, and weapon. Articulated doors, hood, trunk, and headlights accentuate the model to make it stand out in your collection.

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Start your subscription today with 2 individual kits (no pun intended) starting at $4.95 with four new kits to be shipped straight to your home every month, with each kit priced at $14.95!

Fast & Furious Die-Cast Car Collection

It’s always about family, and you can share your love for fast cars and action this holiday season with the Fast & Furious Die Cast Car Collection! This collection of 1:43 scale die-cast and ABS plastic model replicas come fully pre-built in package and are iconic and fatihful recreations of the vehicles driven by Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, and all your other favorite Fast & Furious characters!

Start off with Dominick Torretto’s 1970 Dodge Charger for just $4.95 and receive a brand new addition to your collection once a month for $14.95 per vehicle!

Star Trek: The Next Generation “NCC-1701 Enterprise-D” Subscription

The one that kicked them all off. The one that inspired Fanhome’s creation. Return to the cult-classic science-fiction franchise with Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s iconic Starship, the NCC-1701-D Enterprise! For those who started building their Eaglemoss Enterprise-D kits and were unable to finish, Fanhome has begun shipping the remainder of the Enterprise-D kits to finish the model. But if you’re new to the build, Fanhome will start you from the very beginning so you, too, can have the display model in your collection!

Made with Die-Cast Metal and featuring LED Lights throughout the ship, this Enterprise-D is a faithful recreation of the show model as depicted in Star Trek: The Next Generation! The saucer even detaches to showcase it’s battle mode!

Returning modelers can go to the website and sign up to continue their subscription, but if you’re ready to begin building your starship, subscribe today to get 2 kits for $8 plus tax and receive four new kits every month with each kit priced at $13.99!

You Want to Subscribe to Fanhome?

Are you interested in starting your Fanhome Model Kit builds? Let me tell you how it works! First, subscribe on the website to your model kit of choice, and you will receive your first two specialized kits within days! Each kit includes everything you need to build up the model of your choice, including batteries, screwdrivers, and electronic kits.

Then, starting the month following your subscription, Fanhome will ship four kits to your house for the total price of each individual kit. If one kit costs $13.99, then your subscription will cost $55.96 a month until the completion of your model! Don’t fret if you can’t afford it one month, as Fanhome’s customer service will help you pause your subscription until you are ready to build again!

Each kit comes with an instruction booklet that details exactly how to build up your model kit as well as a special magazine that provides details about the model you’re building and the show, film, or game it’s from! Stay in the know at the end of your subscription when you receive a specialized binder made to contain every page of your magazine as well as other special gifts that come with your subscription!

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