DEN OF WOLVES – 10 Chambers is Back On Their Heist S#!+ With New Revolutionary FPS Co-Op Heist Game

10 Chambers announces 'Den of Wolves', a new cooperative heist shooter set in a futuristic world of corporate espionage, revealed at The Game Awards
Den of Wolves

At The Game Awards 2023, 10 Chambers, the Swedish game development studio known for PAYDAY: The Heist®, PAYDAY 2®, and GTFO, unveiled their latest project, Den of Wolves. This new game, a techno-thriller cooperative heist shooter, is the brainchild of Ulf Andersson, the original designer of the PAYDAY series.

The World of Den of Wolves

Set in the dystopian Midway City, Den of Wolves immerses players in a world of corporate espionage, sabotage, and assassinations. Players rise from the underground as professional criminals, navigating the city’s cutthroat black market. The game challenges players to execute futuristic heists that blur the lines of reality, requiring a blend of careful planning, stealth, and action-packed shootouts.

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Den of Wolves promises dynamic and unpredictable gameplay, where players must constantly adapt their strategies. The game features a range of enemies, from augmented trans-human elite mercenaries to mechanized forces, posing various challenges to the players. Success in the game hinges on the effective use of weapons, hi-tech gadgets, and, crucially, teamwork.

A New Take on Heist Games

Ulf Andersson, founder and creative director of 10 Chambers, expressed his enthusiasm for taking the heist game genre in a new direction with Den of Wolves. Moving away from traditional bank robbery themes, the game explores sci-fi elements, allowing for a broader variety of heist scenarios, including high-stakes corporate warfare.

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From the exclusive preview event last week, the plans for Den of Wolves are fully intent on elevating heist gaming. Each heist will have multiple options, and will not default to either being loud or stealth. The 10 Chambers team knows that the immediate failure of the stealth option is a major pain point and is looking to make it fun and logically redeemable. Players will have the ability to really decide how they want to complete their objectives and from what they shared, teamwork is the only way the game gets any easier.

10 Chambers are once again putting their heart and soul into a game, and it radiates thoroughly. These heists will be influenced by real-world events, which will add layers to the narrative and immersion in what is poised to be a truly sprawling world of crime, violence, and corruption.

Worldbuilding and Narrative

In the mid-21st century, Midway City emerges as the new capital of capitalism, a place where powerful corporations operate without legal or ethical constraints. The game’s backdrop is a world where deep learning AI has become a formidable hacking tool, leading to the development of neurological data security based on human brain functions. This technology becomes central to the game’s narrative, as corporations employ outcasts to infiltrate rivals’ minds for high-value data extraction.

Simon Viklund, co-founder and narrative and audio director at 10 Chambers, emphasized the importance of worldbuilding in Den of Wolves. Although not an open-world game, the team has crafted an extensive history and narrative for Midway City, portraying a future where late-stage capitalism reigns supreme. Players navigate this world as criminal entrepreneurs, building their reputations and alliances in the city’s underground.

For more information about Den of Wolves and to wishlist the game, interested players can visit the official website at

About Den of Wolves

Den of Wolves

Release Date: TBA
Publisher: 10 Chambers
Developer: 10 Chambers
Engine: Unity
Genre: FPC Co-Op Heist
Players: 1-4
System: Windows PC
Synopsis: Den of Wolves is a co-op heist FPS from the creator of PAYDAY: The Heist, PAYDAY 2, and GTFO. In this techno-thriller, you and your friends operate as criminals for hire in the conflicts between rival corporations in Midway City. Gather your crew, design the plan, gear up, and execute the heist.

As we anticipate the release of Den of Wolves, let’s discuss the potential impact of this new game in the heist shooter genre. What are your expectations for the gameplay and narrative in this futuristic setting? How do you think the concept of corporate espionage will enhance the heist experience? And what are you most excited to see in this new venture from the creators of the PAYDAY series? Let us know what you’re looking forward to the most on social media!

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