Prime Video Releases New HAZBIN HOTEL Trailer Ahead of 2024 Release

The trailer for Prime video's Hazbin Hotel is out! Check out the new animated series when it releases on January 19th, 2024.

Prime Video just released the first full trailer for Season One of Hazbin Hotel which is scheduled to release January 19, 2024. This highly anticipated series already has a built-in fan base which started back in 2019 when creator Vivienne Medrano uploaded the animated pilot to YouTube. With over 92 million views, it makes sense why A24 and FOX Entertainment’s Emmy award-winning animation studio Bento Box Entertainment, decided to produce it on a bigger scale.

Hazbin Hotel focuses on the princess of Hell, Charlie, who seems to be more optimistic than the usual soul you might find down there. She believes that with a little effort and some help from her friends, she can rehabilitate demons to solve the issue of overpopulation in her realm. Instead of waiting around for the angels’ yearly extermination, Charlie builds a hotel in hopes of guests “checking out” into Heaven. As anyone can expect, this isn’t an easy thing to achieve, and that is exactly what makes Hazbin Hotel so entertaining.

What to Expect in Hazbin Hotel Season 1

This first season consists of eight episodes, with four episodes kicking us off when Hazbin Hotel releases. After that, Prime Video will release two episodes weekly through February 2. For fans who need more than just the show, pre-order packages are available that include exclusive Season One merchandise. This promo is available until January 12 and can be found here,

The reason it shuts off early is because that is when the first two episodes will be available for early access on the A24 App, along with a virtual Q&A event with Vivienne Medrano and special guests. It’s safe to speculate that some of those special guests might be the stars of the show, with many coming from Broadway or musical backgrounds.

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Charlie is played by the amazing talented Erika Henningsen, who is probably best known to fans from her originating Cady Heron, from Mean Girls the Musical. Alongside her, playing Charlie’s best friend, Vaggie, is Stephanie Beatriz. Now while she is the star of Disney’s Encanto, Beatriz is best known for her comedic role on Brooklyn 99, which from the trailers seems to have a similar attitude. We also know that Broadway’s leading men sensations Jeremy Jordan, Alex Brightman, and Christian Borle all have roles in the upcoming series.

An image of Vaggie played by Stephanie Beatriz from Hazbin Hotel

Now while Charlie has her best friend’s help, there are two more characters that help bring the plan together. In the trailer we get a glimpse at adult-film star Angel Dust, played by Blake Roman. Angel is the first person to check into the hotel and decides to stick around, offering help. The last piece to the puzzle is a powerful entity known as the “Radio Demon”, played by Amir Talai.

Tis the Season for Musicals

Hazbin Hotel has a long list of reasons why you should give it a try. One of the main reasons to watch it besides the cast and writing, comes down to the musical aspect. In the most recent trailer we get a glimpse at a new original song, “Ready for This,” from platinum-certified artist Sam Haft and Emmy-nominated Andrew Underberg. But this isn’t the first song we have seen from the duo pertaining to the show.

Two months ago Prime Video debuted “Happy Day In Hell”. This song does a great job of showcasing what fans can expect on the musical front. Check it out below:

A little bit of Everything

Photo of a multiple characters, including Sir Pentious, Husk, Charlie Morningstar, Niffty, and Angel Dust from Hasbin Hotel
Sir Pentious, Husk, Charlie Morningstar, Niffty, Angel Dust

Who knows why Hazbin Hotel was given its release date, but it is interesting that it falls near the two highly anticipated musical movies. The Color Purple will be released on Christmas Day, while Mean Girls will be released on January 12. As a musical fan, this seems like the perfect setup, because musical lovers will be on an all-time high.

While musicals tend to be a love-or-hate-it niche, Hazbin Hotel appears to have found a balance between the musical aspect and the dark humor of an adult cartoon. Besides, having songs in animated series feels to be way more accepted than any other form. Perhaps, it’s the Disney factor.

Adding all of that to the amazing cast lineup, it’s clear that Hazbin Hotel has a little big of everything for everyone. Get ready for the new Prime Video series by checking out and marking your calendars for January 19th.

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