The Rock Makes Epic Return to WWE, Hints at Huge Match With Roman Reigns

The Rock made an epic WWE return this week, and he laid the smack down on an ill-prepared Jinder Mahal. 
WWE The Rock

The Rock made an epic WWE return this week, and he laid the smack down on an ill-prepared Jinder Mahal.  On this week’s Day 1 edition of Monday Night Raw, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment not only returned to WWE, but he hinted about a huge dream match fans have been asking about for years.

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Samantha Irvin announced the return of a former WWE champion.  The fans looked on in anticipation as to who would make their return to WWE.  To say the fans were disappointed is a huge understatement when Mahal’s music hit. 

Mahal said the United States is a joke and divided.  He said he is the unifier and the U.S. needs to listen to him. We then get the return of another former WWE champion, The Rock.  The Rock’s music hit and the fans went crazy. The full video for Monday’s Day 1 segment with The Rock is also available to view below:

The Rock Shows Why He Ruled the Attitude Era

The Rock and Mahal exchanged words which was mostly Rock insulting Mahal and using his catchphrases.  Eventually, Mahal got tired of the insults and decided to test himself against The People’s Champ.  At first, he backed Rock to the corner, but things turned around pretty quickly and resulted in a People’s Elbow.

The ending of the segment was by far the most important part.  Rock asked the San Diego crowd where he should sit when he eats his dinner after Raw.  The three options he gave were a booth, the bar, and the head of the table. The head of the table line was a not-so-subtle reference to Roman Reigns.

WWE The Rock and Jinder Mahal
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A Dream Match Years In The Making

A match between Rock and Reigns has been a dream match for fans for a long time.  It has been rumored to be in the works for a very long time.  However, it never materialized as the pandemic hit or Rock’s schedule didn’t allow the match.  As time went on and Reigns’ record-breaking title run continued his ego grew.  He began to say that he was the greatest wrestler in the Anoa’i family.

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The bold claim of being the head of the table of the Anoa’i family invited his family to challenge the claim.  However, the only one to have a chance of claiming the head of the table title is Rock.  Thus the foundations for the dream match were placed.

Reigns has heard the challenge and doesn’t seem scared.  He replied with tears of joy emoji.  It doesn’t seem like Reigns is scared of Rock and why should he be?  He has overcome every challenge and challenger previously and he doesn’t think Rock will be any different.

This is the first time Rock has been on WWE TV since September when he beatdown Austin Theory.  It was the first time he had been on Raw since 2016.

But When And Where?

The next big question is when.  The Royal Rumble will occur on Jan. 27 and will take us into WrestleMania season.  Having the match at Royal Rumble seems too soon.  However, the following premium live event will be Elimination Chamber in February.  It will be held in  Australia and it will be the first time WWE has stepped foot in Australia since 2018.  It would be a great way to make a big event even bigger and would certainly be a co-main event.

WWE Roman Reigns
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Let Cody Finish His Story

However, having the match anywhere but at WrestleMania is wishful thinking.  It is a night two main event level match.  What makes this wishful thinking is the fact that fans want Cody Rhodes to have his rematch against Reigns at WrestleMania.  Rhodes has to finish the story.  Reigns may wrestle both nights, one against Rock and another against Rhodes.

Are you excited to see The Rock and Roman Reigns finally have their match?  Do you think Rock has what it takes to defeat Reigns?  Where would you like them to have their match, Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, or WrestleMania 40?  Would you like to see Rock end the historic title reign of Reigns?  Let us know who you would like to see Rhodes face at WrestleMania if it can’t be Reigns.

SOURCE: WWE, Roman Reigns’ X/Twitter

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