Check out the DESPICABLE ME 4 big game spot playing ahead of the national anthem of the Super Bowl

The wait is finally over! After seven years, the beloved franchise that captured the hearts of millions worldwide is back with its latest installment, Despicable Me 4. Set to hit theaters on July 3, 2024, this new chapter promises to deliver all the laughter, warmth, and adventure that fans have come to expect, along with a few surprises. The first is the big game spot for the film playing just ahead of the national anthem today. Check out the AI-inspired piece below.

A Family Like No Other

Despicable Me 4 sees the return of Gru, voiced by Oscar® nominee Steve Carell, in his most challenging role yet: a family man. Alongside his wife Lucy, voiced by Oscar® nominee Kristen Wiig, and their daughters Margo, Edith, and Agnes—voiced by Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, and Madison Polan, respectively—the family welcomes a new member, Gru Jr., who is as mischievous as his dad once was. This addition to the Gru family tree sets the stage for a whirlwind of new adventures and challenges.

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The film also introduces new characters voiced by talents such as Joey King, Stephen Colbert, and Chloe Fineman, enriching the Despicable Me universe with fresh humor and excitement. Meanwhile, fans will be delighted to hear familiar voices, with Pierre Coffin returning as the iconic Minions and Steve Coogan reprising his role as Silas Ramsbottom, ensuring that the new installment retains the charm and hilarity of its predecessors.

A Villainous New Threat

DESPICABLE ME 4, from Illumination

Every hero—or in Gru’s case, former supervillain-turned-hero—needs a formidable foe, and Despicable Me 4 introduces a villain who might just be Gru’s greatest challenge yet. Emmy winner Will Ferrell lends his voice to Maxime Le Mal, a new nemesis with plans that force Gru and his family into hiding. Alongside Maxime is his partner in crime, Valentina, voiced by Emmy nominee Sofia Vergara, adding to the formidable opposition facing our beloved characters.

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Directed by Chris Renaud, a co-creator of the Minions and the visionary behind the first two Despicable Me films and The Secret Life of Pets series, Despicable Me 4 is poised to be a masterpiece of animation. Co-directed by Patrick Delage, with a screenplay by Emmy winner Mike White and Despicable Me veteran Ken Daurio, the film is produced by Illumination’s founder and CEO Chris Meledandri and Brett Hoffman. This powerhouse team guarantees that Despicable Me 4 will be a blend of non-stop action, heartfelt moments, and Illumination’s signature subversive humor.

The Legacy Continues

DESPICABLE ME 4, from Illumination

Following the phenomenal success of Minions: The Rise of Gru, which earned almost $1 billion worldwide, Despicable Me 4 is set to continue the legacy of the biggest global animated franchise in history. With its blend of action, comedy, and family dynamics, the film is not just a continuation of a beloved series but a celebration of imagination, creativity, and the enduring appeal of its characters.

As we gear up for the release of Despicable Me 4, let’s prepare to laugh, cheer, and maybe even shed a tear as we join Gru and his family on their latest adventure. What new escapades will Gru Jr. lead us into? How will Gru and Lucy navigate the challenges posed by Maxime Le Mal and Valentina? And most importantly, what ingenious schemes will the Minions concoct this time around?

Find out when Despicable Me 4 releases in theaters on July 3, 2024, to find out!

About Despicable Me 4


Release Date: July 3, 2024
Screenplay: Mike White, Ken Daurio
Director: Chris Renaud
Co-Director: Patrick Delage
Producers: Chris Meledandri, Brett Hoffman
Genre: Action-Comedy
Cast: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, Pierre Coffin, Joey King, Sofia Vergara, Stephen Colbert, Miranda Cosgrove, Chloe Fineman, Steve Coogan, Chris Renaud, Dana Gaier, Madison Polan

In the first Despicable Me movie in seven years, Gru, the world’s favorite supervillain-turned-Anti-Villain League-agent, returns for an exciting, bold new era of Minions mayhem in Illumination’s Despicable Me 4

Following the 2022 summer blockbuster phenomenon of Illumination’s Minions: The Rise of Gru, which earned almost $1 billion worldwide, the biggest global animated franchise in history now begins a new chapter as Gru (Oscar®nominee Steve Carrell) and Lucy (Oscar® nominee Kristen Wiig) and their girls —Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Madison Polan)—welcome a new member to the Gru family, Gru Jr., who is intent on tormenting his dad.

Gru faces a new nemesis in Maxime Le Mal (Emmy winner Will Ferrell) and his femme fatale girlfriend Valentina (Emmy nominee Sofia Vergara), and the family is forced to go on the run.  

What are you most excited to see in Despicable Me 4? How do you think Gru will handle his latest challenge? And which new character are you most looking forward to meeting? Share your thoughts with us on Discord!

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