Are Rom-Coms Back? THE IDEA OF YOU Could Prove Just That in 2024

Will 'The Idea of You' bring back the age of rom-coms?
The Idea of You movie

The Idea of You gives us the idea of rom-coms getting back that spark that has been missing after so long. It’s been a while since we’ve had a successful run of lovable romantic comedies grace the screen. While streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu still house classics like How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days and You’ve Got Mail, we need fresh and modern takes. Lately, it seems there’s a trend where studios are turning fan-favorite novels into film adaptations. 

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The recently released Anyone But You stars Top Gun: Maverick’s Glen Powell and Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney sparked conversation around our current dry spell of solid rom-coms and how audiences are lusting for more. In comes Robinne Lee’s The Idea of You, the story of a 40-year-old single mom (Anne Hathaway) who takes her daughter to Coachella and ends up building a romantic relationship with the 24-year-old lead singer of a boy band (Hayes Campbell).

Did the Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Relationship Inspire Lee’s Original Novel?

There is currently no trailer nor a teaser for the film, but it is set to close out Austin’s annual South by Southwest Film and TV Festival on Saturday, March 16th. This nine-day event is known to attract a younger audience, so a flick about a boy band member dating a regular gal might be something they’d want to see.

The Idea of You
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There is no exact reference, but many on social media have speculated that the book is loosely based on Harry Styles and his relationship with Olivia Wilde, who is 10 years older than him. You might recall when Wilde was served her custody papers on stage two years ago at CinemaCon in Las Vegas and caused quite a stir online.

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Hathaway has long made a name for herself as one of Hollywood’s favorite girls next door. She’s easily likable and relatable, so her being cast in the title role comes as no surprise. There is no doubt that she will be able to capture our hearts, even those who have not yet read the book. Although it will not receive a theatrical release, it is sure to be a hit as it lands on Prime Video on May 2nd.

The Idea of You isn’t the only one not gracing the big screen. Amazon opted to also not to release Jake Gyllenhaal’s Road House in theaters either. No word on what the reasons are, but it doesn’t take away from the fact these are two titles sure to win over audiences in the coming months. Could this kickstart the re-emergence of a rom-com era? Many are speculating and hoping it could do just that.

About The Idea of You

The Idea of You Poster

Release Date: May 2, 2024
Directed By: Michael Showalter
Produced By: Robinne Lee, Jordana Mollick, Jeff Morrone, Cathay Schulman, Michael Showalter, Gabrielle Union, Anne Hathaway, and Eric Hayes
Executive Producers: Jason Babiszewski, Kian Gass, Jennifer Westfeldt, and Douglas Jones
Writers: Michael Showalter, Jennifer Westfeldt, Robinne Lee
Production: Amazon MGM Studios
Network: Prime Video
Cast: Anne Hathaway, Nicholas Galitzine, Reid Scott, Mathilda Gianopoulos, Hedy Nasser, Brent Bailey, Chandler Lovelle, Roxy Rivera, Grace Junot, and Laurie Catherine Winkel

While chaperoning her teenage daughter’s trip to Coachella, Solène, a 40-year-old single mother, begins an unexpected romance with 24-year-old Hayes Campbell, the lead singer of August Moon, the hottest boy band on the planet.

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