IHOP’s Amazing New Spring Menu Innovations: From Pepsi® Maple Syrup Cola to Sonic the Hedgehog™ Collaboration

"IHOP® is introducing an array of exciting flavors and partnerships this spring, including the reintroduction of Pepsi® Maple Syrup Cola

The International House of Pancakes, IHOP®, is taking its menu innovation to the next level this spring, introducing an array of exciting flavors and partnerships that promise to delight diners across all dayparts. With the reintroduction of the viral Pepsi® Maple Syrup Cola and an assortment of new menu items, IHOP continues to reinforce its position as a leader in the breakfast and casual dining sectors.

Indulging in Nostalgia and Novelty

"IHOP® is introducing an array of exciting flavors and partnerships this spring, including the reintroduction of Pepsi® Maple Syrup Cola

One of the season’s highlights is the return of Pepsi® Maple Syrup Cola, a flavor that captured the imagination of thousands when it was first released as a limited edition. This unique beverage, blending the rich taste of maple syrup with Pepsi’s iconic caramel notes, will be available starting April 1 at participating International House of Pancakes restaurants nationwide. For those seeking an extra touch of indulgence, the cola is also offered as a float with vanilla ice cream.

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The International House of Pancake’s Pancake of the Month initiative continues to offer a fresh reason to visit the restaurant with a new flavor featured at the start of each month. April welcomes the Cinnamon Apple Pecan Pancakes, a dish that evokes the warmth of home-cooked apple pie, featuring four buttermilk pancakes topped with cinnamon apples, dulce de leche sauce, pecans, and whipped topping.

Expanding the Menu

IHOP’s commitment to variety and satisfaction is evident in its latest menu additions, which include:

  • Classic Chicken Sandwiches: Available grilled or crispy, these sandwiches come loaded with bacon, lettuce, tomato, a four-cheese blend, avocado, and buttermilk ranch, all served on a grilled roll.
  • Kids French Toast Sticks: A playful dish for children 12 and under, served with fresh strawberries, banana, and chocolate dipping sauce.
  • Watermelon Splasher: A refreshing blend of lemonade, lemon-lime soda, and watermelon syrup, garnished with fresh blueberries and watermelon.
  • House-Made Milkshakes: Inspired by popular pancake flavors, the new Cinn-A-Stack and Cupcake Milkshakes are a creamy, dreamy addition.
  • Silk® Oatmeal Cookie Oat Creamer: A first-time offering, bringing a new creamy option to IHOP’s beverage lineup.

IHOP Sonic the Hedgehog™ Partnership

Ihop Sonic the Hedgehog Pepsi

In a delightful collaboration, IHOP teams up with SEGA® to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog. Loyalty members can earn PanCoins redeemable for exclusive Sonic content, including a DLC Amy outfit for the game Sonic Superstars™, as well as download codes for Sonic Superstars, Sonic Frontiers™, and Sonic Origins™ Plus. The partnership also introduces a Sonic-inspired menu featuring items like Sonic’s Blue Blur Special pancakes and Knuckles’ Chicken Sandwich.

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The International House of Pancake’s latest menu innovations and its partnership with Sonic the Hedgehog™ offer guests new reasons to enjoy their dining experience, from morning to night. With offerings that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, IHOP remains at the forefront of culinary creativity and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re in the mood for the unique Pepsi® Maple Syrup Cola or eager to dive into the Sonic-inspired menu, IHOP welcomes you to indulge in its latest creations this spring.


Are you ready to experience IHOP’s innovative spring menu? How excited are you to try the Pepsi® Maple Syrup Cola, and which pancake of the month are you looking forward to most? Would you dive into the Sonic the Hedgehog™ inspired menu, or are you more intrigued by the nostalgic taste of the new Cinn-A-Stack and Cupcake Milkshakes? Share your thoughts and let us know which menu item tops your must-try list this season on Discord!

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