FORTNITE – Skybound Games Launches Invincible Universe – Rise of the Sequids

Invincible Universe – Rise of the Sequids merges the worlds of Invincible and Fortnite in a thrilling 10v10 deathmatch, launching today across multiple platforms
Fornite: Invincible - Rise of the Sequids

In an exciting announcement for gamers and comic book fans alike, Skybound Games has unveiled a new chapter in the Fortnite universe: Invincible Universe – Rise of the Sequids. This innovative 10v10 deathmatch experience integrates the thrilling world of Invincible with the dynamic gameplay of Fortnite, offering a fresh twist on the team deathmatch format. Available today on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, this free-to-play experience is set to redefine player battles.

The Sequid Threat

Invincible Universe – Rise of the Sequids pits humans against alien invaders in a fight for dominance. Drawing from the popular “Red vs Blue” game mode in Fortnite Creative, the game introduces a unique gameplay mechanic: the battle does not end until all players have joined a single team. This twist adds a layer of strategy and unpredictability, as players must not only fight for survival but also for the conversion of their opponents.

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Central to the game’s narrative are the Sequids, parasitic creatures from the Invincible universe known for their ability to take control of host bodies. When a human player is defeated, they are reborn as part of the Sequid team, and vice versa, creating a dynamic flow of allegiance and constantly shifting battle lines. A real-time HUD slider provides a visual representation of the team balance, heightening the tension as players fight to tip the scales in their favor.

Choose Your Side

Fornite: Invincible - Rise of the Sequids

The question at the heart of this new mode is whether the collective might of the Sequids will dominate or if humanity will emerge victorious. This decision lies in the hands of the players, who must navigate the chaos of battle, strategize with teammates, and leverage their skills to secure victory for their chosen side.

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This latest addition to Fortnite’s Creative Mode is part of Skybound Games’ ongoing effort to merge the rich storytelling of the series with the interactive world of Fortnite. Following the success of previous Invincible-themed Fortnite experiences, such as Invincible: Doc Seismic Attacks and Invincible: GDA Combat Training, Invincible Universe – Rise of the Sequids continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN).

Celebrating Invincible Season Two

The launch of Invincible Universe – Rise of the Sequids coincides with the premiere of the second season of the Prime Video series, the critically acclaimed adult animated superhero series co-produced by Skybound Animation and Amazon MGM Studios. The series, which has garnered a 100% “Certified Fresh” score on Rotten Tomatoes, continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling and rich character development.

The new game mode is available now as a free-to-play experience within Fortnite Creative. Players can access the game on their preferred platform, including PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Dive into the battle, choose your side, and become part of the ongoing saga in the Invincible universe.

Invincible Universe – Rise of the Sequids Island Code: 6860-5764-7093

Invincible: Doc Seismic Attacks Island Code: 3557-7311-4157

Invincible: GDA Combat Training Island Code: 0574-8268-1828

About Invincible


Release Date: March 14, 2024
Network: Prime Video
Based On The Comic Books By: Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley
Executive Producers:
 Robert Kirkman, Catherine Winder, David Alpert, Simon Racioppa, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg,
Supervising Director: Jeff Allen
Composer: John Paesano
Cast: Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh, Gillian Jacobs, Zazie Beetz, Zachary Quinto, Jason Mantzoukas, Grey Griffin, Walton Goggins, Sonequa Martin-Green, Ross Marquan, Seth Rogen, Jonathan Groff, Kevin Micahel Richardson, Khary Payton, Lauren Coan, Lennie James, Mahershala Ali, Mark Hamill, Melisa, Micahel Cudlitz, Michael Kelly, Nicole Byer, Andrew Rannells, Chad L. Coleman, Chris Diamantopoulos, Clancy Brown, Djimon Hounsou, Jeffrey Donovan, Jon Hamm, Robert Kirkman

Based on the groundbreaking comic book by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley, the story revolves around 18-year-old Mark Grayson, who’s just like every other guy his age—except his father is (or was) the most powerful superhero on the planet. Still reeling from Nolan’s betrayal in Season One, Mark struggles to rebuild his life as he faces a host of new threats, all while battling his greatest fear – that he might become his father without even knowing it.

Are you ready to join the epic battle between humans and Sequids in Invincible Universe – Rise of the Sequids? Which side will you choose, and how will you strategize to ensure your team’s victory? Share your experiences and strategies with us on Discord!

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