PROMISE OF WIZARD Anime Confirmed, Cast and Crew Revealed 

The main cast and crew for the upcoming anime adaptation of the Promise of Wizard smartphone game have been announced.
Promise of Wizard

The main cast and crew for the upcoming anime adaptation of the Promise of Wizard smartphone game have been announced. Promise of Wizard fans are in utter excitement after the news that their favorite simulation game and manga will now be made into an Anime adaption.

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The announcement was made back in Nov 2023 during the game’s four-year anniversary livestream and Cast and Crew for the adaption has now been revealed to the fandom.  Watch the trailer for Promise of Wizard the simulation game below: 


A trailer for the anime adaptation has still not been released. Production for Promise of Wizard will be handled by Liden Films who has worked on popular anime shows, including Tokyo Revengers, Goblin Slayer, Boarding School Juliet, and many more. Like the game, the anime series will include all 21 characters. The main cast for Promise of Wizard is as follows: 

  • Akira Maki- Yumiri Hanamori (also voiced Shizu in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  • Arthur- Atsushi Tamaku  
  • Oz- Takashi Kondo 
  • Cain- Daichi Kanbara 
  • Rike- Yusuke Nagano 
  • Mithra- Hiroki Takahashi 
  • Snow- Chihiro Suzuki  
  • White- Takuma Terashima
  • Owen- Shintaro Asanuma  
  • Bradley- Satoshi Hino 
  • Shino- Nobuhiko Okamoto 
  • Faust- Kento Ito 
  • Heathcliff- Keisuke Komoto 
  • Nero- Noriaki Sugiyama 
  • Murr- Mizuki Nakamura  
  • Shylock- Shinnosuke Tachibana 
  • Chloe- Kohei Amasaki 
  • Rustica- Katsuyuki Miura
  • Figaro- Toshiyuki Morikawa 
  • Lennox- Yuichi Hose 
  • Rutile- Shunichi Toki 
  • Mitile- Ayuma Murase  

Additionally, here’s the main staff for the upcoming Promise of Wizard anime series:

  • Director- Naoyuki Ryuwa  
  • Composition and screenplay- Nanami Higuchi 
  • Character Design and Chief Animation Director- Nozomi Nagatomo 
  • Editing- Mai Hasegawa  
  • Sound Director- Ryo Tanaka  
  • Art Director- Minami Kasuga 
  • Color Design- Akira Hashigami  
  • Music- Shuji Katayama  
  • Music Production- Pony Canyon  
  • Production- Anime Mahoyaku production committee  
  • Sound Production- Tohokushinsha  
  • Animation Production- Liden Films
Image via Coly

Promise of a Wizard was developed by Coly who first debuted the simulation game in Japan back in Nov 2019. Since its gaming debut, the game gained popularity becoming one of Coly’s top games played. With the game’s growing success, it was decided that the storyline would be turned into a manga. 

The first manga adaption of the game was written by Bunta Tsushimi and illustrated by Uta Shinonome. Published by Ichijinsha the manga made its debate in Monthly Comic Zero Sum magazine and ran from Apr 28, 2020 –Dec 27, 2023. The manga now continues with the adaption of the second main story and released again in Monthly Comic Zero Sum, on Apr 26, 2024, and is currently still running. 

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Promise of Wizard anime series is being directed by Naoyuki Ryuwa who has directed such pieces as Your Name, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Nisekoi (2014-2015), and many more. Writing the anime series is Nanami Higuchi who has worked on other anime shows Beastars, Little Witch Academia, and the more recent Delicious in Dungeon

Can’t wait for Promise of Wizard the Anime series? Then read all the previous and new volumes here: Monthly Comic Zero Sum.

About Promise of Wizard

Promise of Wizard Key art

Release Date: November 26, 2019 (Game); April 28, 2020 (Manga); Anime TBA
Director: Naoyuki Ryuwa 
Writer: Nanami Higuchi
Genre: Romance, Fantasy 
Original Story By: Coly 
Production: Liden Films
Distribution: TBA 
Cast: Yumiri Hanamori, Atsushi Tamaku, Takashi Kondo, Diachi Kanbara, Yusuke Nagano, and Hiroki Takahashi

Synopsis: The story starts with Akira Maki, who is living a normal ordinary life. That is until Akira gets summoned to another world made up of five different countries, where wizards and humans coexist. In this world, there were “Wise Wizards” who fought against a giant moon called the “Great Calamity” that attacked once a year. Akira was summoned to this world as a “sage from another world” who would unite and lead them together.  

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