Kevin Owens Talks About His Retirement And Big Lesson Learned From Recent Wrestling Deaths

Kevin Owens gets personal about retirement.
WWE Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens reveals if he is thinking about retirement and how recent deaths in pro wrestling have changed his perspective on things. Owens has continued to show the WWE Universe that he is one of the most reliable wrestlers in WWE. However, time is catching up to him and he can’t compete at such a high level forever.

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Kevin Owens recently did an interview with Metro and gave an ambiguous answer as to if retirement is around the corner for him. He insists on not looking too far in the future.

“I really don’t take anything for granted, I’ve nine months left on my contract, and I don’t know what can happen from here on out.”

WWE Saw Kevin Owens’ Potential Really Quickly

WWE Kevin Owens and Tama Tonga
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Kevin Owens has been with the WWE since 2014. He first started in NXT like most indie stars do in WWE. It didn’t take long for Owens to capture his first bit of gold in WWE. In less than a year from signing with WWE he was able to capture the NXT Championship from Sami Zayn.

The championship reign shortly after joining WWE gave Owens a big ego. Three months later he decided challenging John Cena would be a good idea. The two men had a match and Owens defeated Cena cleanly in the ring. His success continued in the WWE and he would eventually win The United States Championship three times, the Intercontinental Championship twice, the Undisputed Tag Team Championships and the Universal Championship.

WWE Kevin Owens and John Cena
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Owens has sparked discussions about his retirement in the past. After his match with Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania in 2022, he mentioned a dream WrestleMania match for him would be with Finn Balor “if” he had another WrestleMania in him.

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Owens confirmed that retirement is not something he sees in his immediate future, but doesn’t want to take things for granted. He just can’t imagine not seeing people he works with anymore.

“This has been my home for 10 years and it’s beyond the locker room. There’s some very, very, very special people that work behind the scenes that I’ve become very close with, and I really can’t imagine not seeing them as part of my life.”

WWE Kevin Owens and Tama Tonga
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In Owens 10 years with WWE he has learned a lot. One of those things he has learned is because of a tragic reason. In the last few years the wrestling world has lost Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Jay Briscoe. Those deaths changed how Owens looks at the world now.

“That’s just life. If I’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that nothing is guaranteed. I’ve learned that through some very unfortunate events, we’ve lost so many good people that was never expected that’s just one example of how I do not take anything for granted, how I look at things now.”

WWE Randy Orton, Logan Paul, Kevin Owens
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Owens’ latest match was this past Saturday at Backlash France. He and Randy Orton took on Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga. It was one hell of a great match and showed that Orton and Owens both are still at the peak of their careers. The Bloodline did their magic and had outside interference appear, but this time it was Tonga’s brother, Tanga Loa. The interference cost Owens and Orton the match.

Now that Cody Rhodes is the Undisputed WWE champion we may see Owens challenge Rhodes. Owens came really close to beating Roman Reigns and dethroning him so it may be time for him to have another match for the championship. Or any championship in WWE. The Prizefighter needs some prizes.

This is of course if Owens sticks around in the WWE. Owens doesn’t have a lot of time left before he retires so hopefully we get a few more title reigns out of him.

Do you think this upcoming contract will be Kevin Owens’ last before he retires? Should he stay in WWE or test the waters in other promotions? Which promotion should he go to if he leaves WWE? Would you like to see him have another championship reign in the next nine months? Let us know on social media what you hope to see Owens accomplish before his contract ends.

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