HBO Orders New Comedy Series Starring Steve Carell from Bill Lawrence and Matt Tarses

HBO orders a new 10-episode comedy series starring Steve Carell, created by Bill Lawrence and Matt Tarses
HBO Bill Lawrence Steve Carell

HBO has officially ordered a new half-hour comedy series starring the legendary Steve Carell, known for his comedic brilliance and dramatic range. This upcoming Warner Bros. Television series, which will consist of 10 episodes, promises to deliver a unique blend of humor and heart. Carell will not only star in the series but also serve as an executive producer, adding another layer of excitement for fans of the versatile actor.

The Dream Team Behind the Series

The series boasts an impressive creative team, featuring Emmy®-winner Bill Lawrence and Emmy®-nominee Matt Tarses. Lawrence, renowned for his work on Ted Lasso, Shrinking, and Scrubs, along with Tarses, known for Scrubs, The Goldbergs, and Sports Night, will co-write and executive produce the first episode. Their collaboration promises a comedy rich in humor and depth, characteristic of their previous successes.

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Set on a college campus, the single-camera comedy centers around an author’s complicated relationship with his daughter. This intriguing logline hints at a narrative filled with relatable conflicts and touching moments, all wrapped in the comedic expertise of Carell, Lawrence, and Tarses.

Statements from HBO and Warner Bros. Television

Amy Gravitt, Executive Vice President of HBO & Max Comedy Programming, expressed her enthusiasm: “The combination of Steve Carell and Bill Lawrence promises to be full of great laughs, warmth, and charm. We’re thrilled to be the home for this long-overdue collaboration.”

Bill Lawrence also shared his excitement: “HBO has long been a standard bearer of quality TV. Getting to do a show there with Steve Carell is an immediate career highlight for Matt and me. Nothing can go wrong now.”

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Channing Dungey, Warner Bros. Television Group Chairman and CEO, added: “We’re so excited to be collaborating with the dream team of Carell, Lawrence, and Tarses on what is sure to be a brilliant new series. Collectively, they have been at the center of some of the most iconic and successful shows in television history. With thanks to our partners at HBO, we look forward to bringing them together to deliver the next great comedy.”

Steve Carell’s Ongoing Projects

Gru in DESPICABLE ME 4, from Illumination

In addition to this new series, Carell is currently starring on-stage at The Lincoln Center in Uncle Vanya. He will also resume his voice role in Despicable Me 4 and is set to appear in the Netflix comedy series The Four Seasons, alongside Tina Fey. This adaptation of the original film starring Alan Alda and Carol Burnett showcases Carell’s versatility and continuous influence in both comedic and dramatic roles.

Production Details

The untitled project is executive produced by Bill Lawrence, Jeff Ingold, and Liza Katzer of Doozer Productions, along with Matt Tarses. The series is produced by Doozer in association with Warner Bros. Television, where both Doozer and Tarses hold overall deals. The first episode, penned by Lawrence and Tarses, sets the stage for what promises to be an engaging and humorous exploration of family dynamics set against the backdrop of a college campus.

As WBD and Home Box Office continue to expand their comedy lineup, this new series starring Carell is set to become a standout addition. With a stellar creative team and a compelling storyline, viewers can look forward to a series that combines humor, warmth, and the signature charm of its talented cast and creators. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated comedy series.

HBO Bill Lawrence Steve Carell

Are you excited about the new HBO comedy series starring Steve Carell? What do you expect from the collaboration between Carell, Lawrence, and Tarses? Share your thoughts and join the conversation about this exciting new comedy series on Discord.

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