Andrade And Charlotte Flair Speak About About Performance Center, Engagement And Ronda Rousey

Andrade and Charlotte Flair did an in-depth interview with Seconds Out, where they shared thoughts on the engagement, Ronda Rousey, Performance Center and more.
WWE Andrade and Zelina Vega

Andrade and Charlotte Flair recently did an interview with Seconds Out and talked about their engagement, Flair working with Ronda Rousey, and Andrade’s difficulties at the Performance Center.


Andrade and Charlotte Flair’s Engagement

When asked about the details of their engagement while vacationing in Cancun, Mexico, Andrade was tight-lipped about the proposal.  Even after being pressed for details he was evasive, but Flair was willing to dish out a few secrets.

The couple went out to a restaurant on New Year’s Eve and when 10 p.m. hit, he was was pressuring her to finish up and leave.  The waiter escorted the couple out the back door and right out to the marina. In the sea of boats, Flair saw one lit up and talked about her love of boats and being on the water.  Their boat met up with the others while playing American music. Flair was busy watching the fireworks, but when she turned around, Andrade was on one knee.

Did Andrade Get Ric’s Blessing?

When Andrade was asked if he got the blessing of Ric Flair to marry his daughter, he was equally as evasive.  The answer is yes and no. Ric and his future son-in-law text and talk a lot about wrestling and looking out for Charlotte, but Andrade didn’t ask Ric directly.  However, he knows that Ric would approve and so he went through with the proposal.

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