Triple h Is Open To CM Punk Returning To WWE

CM Punk Triple H

In a recent interview, WWE head Triple H left the door open for a possible return of CM Punk to the ring.

Never say never is a common phrase we hear all the time in pro wrestling and it seems that we’re saying it again. Triple H recently opened up during a conference call stating that he would accept CM Punk and his wife AJ Lee back to the number one sports entertainment company in the world. This has been the first time that the Executive Vice President of WWE stated that he would be open to the star returning to the company, since he walked out in 2014. This development certainly comes as a welcome surprise to wrestling fans worldwide.

In the interview, the WWE executive and superstar had this to say, according to Metro UK:

“If it was right for them, for the company, for everyone involved, then absolutely, I don’t think that’s ever been a factor, of somebody saying ‘this person should be here, or that person should be here. Incredible talent are always incredible talent — but there’s so much more to the business than just being a talented performer… I can fantasy book and say I’d like to be young again but that ain’t happening too! In a perfect world? Yeah, sure. Again, you’ve heard Vince [McMahon] echo that sentiment so many times of the years, never say never!”

Triple H vs. CM Punk

CM Punk Vs Triple H Was the Last Straw

Back in 2011, we thought that CM Punk would never work with the WWE again after he walked out on his former company. One of the reasons the Straight-Edge Superstar left was because of the influence of Triple H behind the scenes, as Punk explained on Colt Cabana’s podcast, The Art of Wrestling. In the interview, Punk explained that his mounting frustration stemmed from a number of issues that he experienced in the WWE. However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Punk was told that he’d be facing the King of Kings, Triple H at sports entertainment’s biggest event, Wrestlemania.


CM Punk felt that he was the hottest act in the company and that he should be granted the main event at Wrestlemania, and honestly, he was right. This also wouldn’t be the first time that Punk would have had to face Triple H. During Night of Champions in 2011, CM Punk was white-hot in the WWE, but on that night Punk had to job The Game. This never sat right with the competitive Punk.

Building the Foundation for CM Punk’s Return

CM Punk is back on WWE programming, sort of. He currently is on WWE Backstage, but works for Fox as their pro wrestling analyst. When he was asked if he would step back into a WWE ring he said, “I work for FOX, I Haven’t talked to anybody in WWE. Not actively pursuing or interested in, but I’m 41 years old and I’ve lived an experienced life, so I know not to say no, but that’s going to be a bridge that’s going to have to be built and might take as long as building the Great Wall of China because there are some hurdles.”

While that’s far from saying the Straight Edge Superstar is returning to the ring, we can’t take this as an absolute “no.” We’re not sure if we’ll ever see CM Punk perform in a WWE ring, or any ring for that matter, but these developments should give fans a little more hope.

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Joe Deckelmeier

Joe Deckelmeier

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