First Look at Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2

We breakdown the latest teaser trailer for Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 1, arriving on February 22nd, and wonder what it all means.
beast morphers season 2

Fans have been anticipating what is to come in the second season of Hasbro’s Power Rangers Beast Morphers, and that anticipation has finally been rewarded.

The wait is over, and there is now a set air date for the second season premiere of Beast Morphers on February 22nd at 8 am ET/PT on Nickelodeon with the first episode titled, “Believe It or Not.” The franchise also released a short but sweet trailer for the upcoming season.

Beast Morphers Are Ready To Go

“It’s game time, rangers,” says Commander Shaw in the opening shot.

In the season one finale, it seemed that Evox was terminated when Devin destroyed the tower and the Morph-X shockwave exploded. But in the trailer, you can see that Evox managed to escape the Cyber Dimension and is now on Earth in Coral Harbour. We last saw Evox in action dismantling the rangers’ zords with one shot and de-morphed the rangers with another shot.

His power within his new body could have some more tricks up his sleeves this upcoming season. What mayhem could he bring the rangers in season two? 

“Believe It or Not” will take us through Steel’s findings that Evox may have survived the final events of the season one finale. 

beast morphers evox


Whatever Evox has planned, the team will utilize the new gadgets and zords to combat what he may throw at him. There is a peek of those in the trailer that will be toys on store shelves for consumers. 

As noticed in the trailer, there is a purple version of Roxy’s avatar. It has been noted that in the Sentai version for the series, the avatar is purple, however, for season one they made Roxy’s avatar yellow. Granted we saw avatar Roxy destroyed and the real Roxy back to normal, who could the purple avatar this time around? 

It might be nothing or something but there could be a hint about who might be in that purple suit dating back to the season one finale. It is seen that Mayor Daniels has glowing purple pixels in his hand. He did get engulfed in the explosion within the Cybergate so he may be feeling the effects of that, but what if he becomes Evox’s newest vessel for an avatar? That could be possible. 

Another thought about Mayor Daniels with the effects of being infused with the tainted Morph-X is that he could be a new villain type in season two. Either a new version of Evox or another villain to come. That would be an interesting dynamic to see between him and Devon, sort of like Trent and Dr. Mercer/ Mesagog in Dino Thunder. 

Season two holds the highly anticipated return of Austin St. John to the series in the team-up episode coming sometime during the season. Fans have been talking about his awaited arrival and interactions with this team since the news broke. 

Nonetheless, Beast Morphers was a pleasant surprise for fans and it has gotten a warm reception. Let us know some of your thoughts about the upcoming season and stay up to do date with all things Power Rangers Beast Morphers and more on The Illuminerdi


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