Arrowverse After Crisis: A Look At Where DCTV Shows Stand Post-Crossover

Now that Crisis on Infinite Earths killed Oliver Queen and changed the Arrowverse forever, let's take a look at where each DCTV show currently stands.
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Arrowverse Inconsistencies Never Change, Though

However, Supergirl is the show to go through the most major changes – tied largely to Lex Luthor being alive and a hero. He wins a Nobel Peace Prize and is the owner of the DEO, but Lex is clearly setting up a nefarious plan that we will eventually learn. In “The Bottle Episode,” multiple Brainiac 5s and an entire bar full of doppelgangers are in National City. The following episode, called “Back from The Future – Part One,” we learn that one of the doppelgangers from the bar is Winn Schott. which then brings Earth Prime’s Winn Schott back to the present.

This flies in the face of the rules introduced on Batwoman, where doppelgangers can’t occupy the same space. There are endless changes on Supergirl. It seems that character’s backstories are being completely rewritten, likely due to Lex messing with the Book of Destiny and his deal with The Monitor. The Hall of Justice created at the end of Crisis gets mentioned on Supergirl when J’onn reveals the new headquarters known as The Tower.


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has many changes this season, but those are because of the Legends themselves last season not the Crisis. The only one who seemed to have been affected by the Crisis and Oliver’s death is Sara, and even that only lasted about an episode. Sara’s feelings about Oliver choosing not to bring Laurel back are still a mystery, as is her reaction to her own father being alive. The logistics of the Arrow spinoff needing Earth 2 Laurel makes sense – but following the same logic as Supergirl, why not bring back both Earth 1 and 2 Laurel? We saw Sara mourn Oliver for an episode, but we don’t know if she has any anger towards Oliver for not bringing back her sister. And by the following episode, all of this is brushed aside and Sara’s grief apparently dealt with already.

The rules were already inconsistent in the Arrowverse, and it has just been recreated. The rules don’t seem to be the same on all the shows and, while this worked before when they were set on different Earths, it now makes one scratch one’s head. Is each writers’ room setting up their own rules, or were rules laid out for them after Crisis and we just aren’t yet understanding them? Will we see aliens on shows other than Supergirl, or are we supposed to believe that they only live or cause problems in National City? Are metahumans going to pop up anywhere other than Central City and Freeland, albeit in very different capacities?

Seeing the Paragons deal with their trauma would be something to explore in each of the series, but that doesn’t seem like it’ll be happening anytime soon. While The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have each directly mentioned Crisis more than once and spent an episode mourning Oliver Queen, the focus is not on what these heroes have gone through, but rather on the changes and challenges that will be faced because of it. Big Bads have changed hands on The Flash and Supergirl, but Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have only experienced minor effects.

Everyone’s lives and timelines have been rewritten, and hopefully this will be better explained or portrayed than with merely an off hand comment from Cisco on The Flash. Supergirl seems to be the best at showing these changes due to Lex screwing with his own destiny past, present, and future. Hopefully other Arrowverse shows will follow this pattern.

The existence of Earth Prime and the creation of the Hall of Justice set up easier crossovers in the future, be they large-scale ones with all of the heroes coming together or smaller-scale ones like the early Arrow and The Flash crossovers and The Flash popping into Supergirl in Season 1. Bad guys from one show could pop up in another as we saw in Part 5 of Crisis when Weather Witch was causing havoc in National City.

With the Arrowverse forever changed due to all of them being set on a single Earth, as well as the loss of the ‘verse’s namesake, Green Arrow, there are many mysteries and questions still in the air. Only time will tell how they’re resolved.


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