Arrowverse After Crisis: A Look At Where DCTV Shows Stand Post-Crossover

Now that Crisis on Infinite Earths killed Oliver Queen and changed the Arrowverse forever, let's take a look at where each DCTV show currently stands.
crisis and the arrowverse

Crisis on Infinite Earths is over, and the Arrowverse’s multiverse as we knew it is no more. Or as Cisco Ramon put it:

“An infinite number of Earths experienced a cosmic heat death, from which only one Earth was rebuilt. So now, not only do Superman, Supergirl, and Black Lightning live here, but now our entire timeline has been rewritten so that they’ve always lived here.”  – Cisco Ramon (The Flash, “Marathon”)

Well, that’s pretty heavy. Especially for the Paragons, who were there to witness it. These Paragons – Kara Danvers, J’onn Jones, Kate Kane, Sara Lance, Barry Allen, Ryan Choi, and Lex Luthor – spent months alone at the vanishing point (a place outside of time) after the multiverse had been destroyed. Months isolated, hopeless, believing everyone and everything they had ever known was lost. With the help of Spectre, formerly Oliver Queen, they remade the multiverse… kind of.


How Crisis Changed The Arrowverse

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All of the Arrowverse shows are now set on a single Earth, which is known as Earth Prime. We as the audience know a handful more survived, but Earth Prime is unable to reach any of them and assumes they are alone. Now Supergirl, Black Lightning, and the upcoming Superman series are all set on the same Earth as The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and the recently departed Arrow. And according to most of Earth Prime’s knowledge, this has always been the case. One would assume this would create major changes on all of the Arrowverse shows and leave scars on the Paragons.

Oliver Queen is gone, but he made some major changes before his final swan song including bringing his mother, Tommy, and Quentin Lance back to life, making Star City the safest city in the world, and creating a better future for his children. Those aren’t the only changes, though, and they bring up some questions. What happened to the crime in Star City? Are all of the criminals shunted off to other cities in the world, were they erased, were they replaced by non-criminal doppelgangers? How exactly does that work?

Following the funeral, Diggle and his family (which includes the once erased Sara Diggle, his daughter) are moving to Metropolis. He finds the Green Lantern ring as the series ends. This creates the possibility of seeing him appear in the upcoming Superman series in some capacity. What little we know about Superman’s life was changed as well. At the start of Crisis he has an infant son, and by the end he has two teenage sons. We’ll see if this is addressed in the series, but based on the other Arrowverse shows? Don’t hold your breath.


Batwoman initially was the same, having only told her vigilante cohort Lucius Fox about what happened in Crisis. We later discover that a doppelganger of Kate Kane’s sister from Earth 99 was accidently brought to Earth Prime, but at the end of “An Un-Birthday Present” Beth and Alice, Kate’s actual sister, both experience intense migraines or brain aneurysms due to their time-space proximity. This is setting up the dilemma that both Beth and Alice cannot exist on Earth Prime at the same time.

On The Flash, Cisco is freaking out about the fact that everything has apparently changed. There are new bad guys (human, meta-human, and alien) now existing on Earth Prime and the bad guys that already existed have been revamped. In “Marathon,” a new Doctor Light is introduced along with possibly a new Mirror Master or…Mistress? But “Love Is A Battlefield” makes it clear that not all of the known rogues are gone, as we once again see the delightful and dastardly Amunet Black and her ex Goldface, who are having a lover’s spat with citywide collateral.

The endless rotating door of Wells has also closed for good, leaving us with Nash Wells (who became Pariah during Crisis). Although we did see another Wells at the end of “Love Is A Battlefield,” so he may not be the only one left. The rules of breaches have also changed, which means the extrapolators that portaled Team Flash around are no longer of any use.

For the plot holes that always stay the same no matter the Crisis, check out the next page:


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