Batman: The Animated Series Tie-In Comic Coming April 2020

Batman: The Animated Series is getting a tie-in comic, Batman: The Adventures Continue, this Spring. Come find out all about it...
Batman The Animated Series The Illuminerdi

Batman: The Animated Series is getting a tie-in comic, Batman: The Adventures Continue, this Spring. Yup! It’s the news that we’ve all been waiting for! I bet you read that and heard the theme tune in your head, didn’t you?

Batman: The Animated Series producers Paul Dini and Alan Burnett are penning the mini series, with Ty Templeton returning as the artist (who has helped bring the characters to comic book form in classic Animated Series/Bruce Timm style since 1992). With the release set for April, the series is reportedly six issues long and titled Batman: The Adventures Continue.

Fans of the show are already freaking out over social media and for good reason. Batman: The Animated Series was well-loved and critically acclaimed. The show catapulted new reimaginings of iconic DC Comics’ characters into the spotlight – like the Joker and Jim Gordon – as well as created new ones that have become DC mainstays. Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya are not only comic staples these days, but both have appeared in animated form and have starring roles in the recently renamed Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.

What We Can Expect From the Batman: The Adventures Continue

By the looks of things, we’ll see the comic carry on the legacy of the show by introducing well-known characters into the fold of the Batman: The Animated Series universe for the first time. Characters such as Azrael, Deathstroke and Jason Todd, will all be making their first appearances, despite being passed over in the original show. It seems as if Dini and Burnett really want to take this opportunity to do the Red Hood justice.

Batman: The Animated Series Comic Tie-In

Here is what Paul Dini had to say about his enthusiasm over adapting Red Hood:

What we’re doing with this is looking at this as a chance to go back and actually acknowledge that was a part of the animated Batman’s history… For the first time, you’re going to see that story and you’re going to see what happened in that relationship. So, it’s our chance to not only to do Jason Todd but also the Red Hood.

Paul Dini via Entertainment Weekly

The comic is going to fill in some lost time in the Animated Universe. The first issue picks up where the Batman and Superman crossover left off, and is set after BTAS’ 85th and final episode. However, before Tim Drake is abducted and tortured by the Joker (as seen in the awful flashback scene from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.)





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