Ant Timpson and Elijah Wood Explore The Dark Side of Family in Come To Daddy

Come To Daddy director Ant Thompson and star Elijah Wood recently discussed the themes of identity and family in their film, and the horror within both.

Come to Daddy came out on February 7, 2020, and so far it’s sitting at a solid 89% on the Tomatometer with an audience score of 80%. Clearly, the movie is slowly gaining a following of people who were fascinated by the dark comedy and horror film as well as the unexpected journey it took them on. Starring Elijah Wood and directed by New Zealand native Ant Timpson, the film explores some intimate and dark themes surrounding identity and family. 

Come To Daddy Laid Bare

elijah wood in come to daddy

The premise of the movie is an unusual one, and one might wonder how such a story came about. When asked about the inspiration behind the movie in an interview with Screen Rant, director Ant Timpson responded:

“It was actually the death of my dad, which is a horrible way to have inspiration. It was a very unusual week I spent in the grieving process after he died of spending time with his corpse. Then came back to the house and all of us siblings spent a week with him grieving, talking, reminiscing. Going through all of that, and then at night I spent a lot of time alone in the house with just him. And then during the day there was a lot of people who came to pay respects to the body and I started to have an inkling that there were a lot of stories about my dad that I didn’t know.”

Come To Daddy, of course centers largely around the relationship between the main character Norval and his father. However when watching the movie it strikes the viewer that Norval isn’t a particularly likable character. Elijah Wood explained about Norval’s flaws and strengths as a character:

“You kinda get the sense that he’s a little bit of a douchebag. It was important for me to find the balance of this person who comes from a certain world who probably isn’t as successful as he thinks he is or makes out to be. And underneath all of that there’s just this desire to be love, there’s this broken person who dealt with some substance abuse and who never had a his father. […] It was just finding this balance of posturing and all of that being stripped away and getting to the core of this person who just wants to be loved.”


Future Projects Discussed

Some people may be familiar with Ant Timpson’s work as a producer on Turbo Kid, a film that came out in 2015. It was incredibly popular among viewers, and fans have been eager to hear about a sequel in the works for years. When asked about the rumors about a new Turbo Kid film, Timpson answered:

“I think word’s been going around for so long. […] The interest is all there from all the parties involved from the first one. There’s a script that’s been written. […] If it all comes together it’ll be phenomenal. We’re just in the process of trying to find money to cover everything really.” 

Elijah Wood, of course, has voiced Jace Rucklin in the animated series Star Wars: Resistance. When asked about the possibility of perhaps portraying the character in live action and maybe making a cameo on Disney+, Wood responded:

“I mean, to have a chance to play in the Star Wars universe out of animation would be really fun. I’m totally open to it. They’re going to continue to extrapolating and creating stories out of that universe for probably many, many decades so if that were to happen, yeah.”

Come to Daddy is available to stream on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, or Vudu. Check out the synopsis below:

Norval Greenwood, a privileged man-child arrives at the beautiful and remote coastal cabin of his estranged father, who he hasn’t seen in 30 years. He quickly discovers that not only is dad a disapproving jerk, he also has a shady past that is rushing to catch up with him. Now, hundreds of miles from his cushy comfort zone, Norval must battle with demons both real and perceived in order to reconnect with a father he barely knows.


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