Toy Fair 2020 DC Line-Up Revealed With Collectibles Galore

Toy Fair 2020 has revealed its list of DC Direct collectibles, many of which are honoring the Bat family. Check out some of the images inside.
dc direct at toy fair 2020

Toy Fair 2020 has begun, and so far the news inside the Jarvis Center has been sizzling.

Newsarama has released a list of the recently renamed DC Direct, previously DC Collectibles, figures revealed at Toy Fair. At the moment, the DC lineup is honoring the various variants from the Batman franchise. One example is the “Joker Clown Prince of Crime” statue line, which includes three different Jokers from various classic illustrator’s models, such as the great Jim Lee and Brian Bolland. 


Check out some of the images below.

DC Direct At Toy Fair 2020

Another line up is the “Batman Black and White” collection, featuring various Batman from different comics and storylines such as Frank Miller’s armored Batman from The Dark Knight Returns, and the Batman from Jim Lee’s time with the caped crusader.  

One set of figures that seemed to be attracting attention is the inclusion of the DC DCeased superheroes such as the Flash, Supergirl, and Superman. 

The whole list of figures coming soon can be seen below, with many others have been revealed during Toy Fair and many more to be revealed during the weekend. Stay with The Illuminerdi for more toy fair news.

Full DC Direct List

The Joker Clown Prince of Crime Statue Line: (NY Toy Fair reveals)
    The Joker by Brian Bolland
    The Joker by Jim Lee
    The Joker by Lee Bermejo

DC Artists Alley Designer Vinyl Figures (NY Toy Fair reveals)
    The Joker by Brandt Peters
    Catwoman by Brittney Lee
    Batman by Zach Heffelfinger
    Bat-Family by Patrick Ballesteros

Batman Rogues Gallery Multi-Part Statue:
    The Penguin
    The Joker
    Harley Quinn
    Mr. Freeze
    Deadshot (NY Toy Fair reveal)

DC Cover Girls Statue Line:
    Batgirl by Frank Cho Statue
    Supergirl by Frank Cho Statue
    Harley Quinn by Frank Cho Statue
    Poison Ivy by Frank Cho Statue

Batman Black & White Statue Line:
    Batman by Todd McFarlane Statue
    Armored Batman by Frank Miller Statue
    Batman by Jim Lee Statue
    Batmonster by Greg Capullo Statue
    Batman by Brian Bolland Statue (NY Toy Fair reveal)
    Batman Gotham by Gaslight by Mike Mignola Statue (NY reveal)
    Batman by Freddie E. Williams III Statue (NY reveal)

DC Essentials Action Figures:
·         Batman Rebirth Version 2 Action Figure
·         The Flash Speedforce Action Figure
·         New 52 Nightwing Action Figure
·         Superman The Return of Superman Action Figure
·         DCeased Batman Action Figure
·         DCeased The Joker Action Figure
·         DCeased Aquaman Action Figure
·         DCeased Green Lantern Action Figure
·         DCeased Harley Quinn Action Figure
·         DCeased Superman Action Figure
·         DCeased The Flash Action Figure
·         DCeased Supergirl Action Figure
·         Justice League Action Figure 6-Pack (NY Toy Fair reveal)

DC Designer Series Statue Line:
    Metal Batman by Greg Capullo Mini Statue
    Nightwing by Jim Lee Mini Statue
    Batman by Mike Mignola Mini Statue
    Batman by Alex Ross Deluxe Statue
    Supergirl by Michael Turner Mini Statue
    The Batman Who Laughs by Greg Capullo Statue
    Catwoman by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau Statue
    Harley Quinn by Bruce Timm Mini Statue

DC Gallery:
    Superman vs. The Flash Racing Statue 2nd Edition
    Batman vs The Batman Who Laughs Battle Statue
    DCeased Batman Statue (NY Toy Fair reveal)

Batman The Adventures Continue Action Figures:
    The Joker
    The Batman Who Laughs
    Batman v.2
    Vampire Batman
    Talon (NY Toy Fair reveal)
    Thomas Wayne Batman (NY reveal)
    Batgirl (NY reveal)
    Robin (Tim Drake) (NY reveal)

Batman The Animates Series Action Figures:
    Christmas with The Joker (Metallic Variant)

Harley Quinn Red, White & Black Statue Line:
    Harley Quinn by Steve Pugh
    Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner Statue
    Harley Quinn by Stanley Lau Statue
    Harley Quinn by J. Scott Campbell Statue (NY Toy Fair reveal)

DC Bombshells Statue Line:
    Harley Quinn Deluxe Version 2 Statue
    Poison Ivy Holiday Variant (NY Toy Fair reveal)


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