Deadpool 2 Reveals Previously Unreleased Concept Art

Concept artist Andrew Domachowski has revealed some pretty killer pieces of early art for Deadpool 2, showcasing previous casting choices and costume designs.
deadpool 2 concept art

While fans are still waiting for the upcoming Deadpool 3, now rumored to be under the Disney banner, concept artist Andrew Domachowski has posted some unused Deadpool 2 character designs to his ArtStation page.

Below are the pictures revealed on his page:

Breaking Down Deadpool 2‘s Early Days

Starting off with Domino, Janelle Monáe was in line for the role early in casting as seen in these pictures. The role, of course, eventually went to Zazie Beetz. The first picture gives a more revealing costume than what we saw in the final movie.

The second picture that is shown gives us a more tactical look to Domino. Out of these, I’m glad they went with the costume we saw in the film as I feel the comic-book look fits the character best for the movie that she was in.


Moving on to Omega Red. Omega Red never made into the final cut of the movie, however, NFL player Dakoda Shepley did portray the Russian mutant in a deleted scene. The unused design seen above gives a much more comic-book accurate look to the character compared to what was seen in the deleted scene.

Brad Pitt was Fox’s first choice to play the time-traveling anti-hero Cable, as seen above. The first picture shown is fairly similar to what we saw in the final version of Deadpool 2 just without Josh Brolin in mind for the role. Some of Cable’s more robotic features appear in the second picture, and you can see how his cybernetic arm interacts with his body. Brad Pitt eventually went on the make a split-second cameo in Deadpool 2, playing as the Vanisher.

Last but certainly not least, Juggernaugt. After Vinne Jones portrayed the character in the critically panned X-Men: The Last Stand, Juggernaugt made a surprise cameo in Deadpool 2, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds through motion capture.

In the first picture shown we see Juggernaugt with a slightly different color scheme and extra restraints attached to him. The second picture is nearly identical to the Juggernaugt we saw in the final movie. Lastly, the final picture shown gives us a darker look at Juggernaught showing more metal components to his costume giving it a more serious tone.

Do you think some of these concepts should have been used in the final movie? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to stay up to date with us here at The Illuminerdi for more updates regarding the future of Deadpool.


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