THE SUPER MARIO BROS MOVIE Star Jack Black and Director Michael Jelenic Discuss Writing The Award Winning Song, ‘Peaches’

The Super Mario Bros movie star, Jack Black and director, Michael Jelenic go over the creation of the song that took the world by storm, ‘Peaches.’
The Super Mario Bros Movie Peaches

The Super Mario Bros Movie graced our screens earlier this year and immediately once aspect of the film became a massive success. The movie features a song ‘Peaches’ where Bowser (Jack Black) serenades to his love, Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) from his castle.

The song has since been nominated for numerous awards and made it all the way to number 56 on the Billboard Top 100.

Recently Black and one of the directors of the film, Michael Jelenic were involved in a press conference where they discussed the success and creation of ‘Peaches.’

Jack Black Was Initially Reluctant To Make ‘Peaches’

The Super Mario Bros Movie Bowser

During the press conference Black expressed that he was initially reluctant to make a song for the movie.

“I was resistant to even singing a song because they hit me with that like a year into the process. They were like, ‘Hey, we got this, this wild hair idea that maybe Bowser could sing a song in this scene just to start off the scene, a little love song would be really funny,’ and ‘I was like nah I like to keep it separated, my rock and my and my movies. Unless we that’s part of the plan for the beginning, you never said anything about songs when we started.’ And they said ‘Take a listen to this.’ And I listened and I was like ‘oh it is funny, this has real potential. Let me let me put my spin on it,’ and I didn’t really think that they would use it because when we finished it I was like, ‘I like it like this. Would you put it in like this?’ I was thinking they were gonna go now this is a little too over the top. It’s a little too emotional. This is not fitting in the movie. But they did use it, and I loved seeing it in the movie. And did I know it was going to be a hit a runaway viral sensation? Of course not. You never think you can expect something like that to happen.”

Jack Black

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Jelenic said music was always going to play a role in The Super Mario Bros Movie.

“I think music was always going to play a part and you know, a lot of the needle drops in the movie, for instance, are sort of nostalgia based. They’re familiar songs that sort of put you in an era instantly. And then you know, Jack’s performance obviously, I keep saying he was influenced by that heavy metal. I think there was a bigger discussion, whether or not we wanted Jack to actually sing a song. That was a big question mark. There’s a lot of hurdles to sort of get by in that regard, because I think there was some concern like, you’re in the movie, you’re watching it, and as soon as Bowser starts to sing, are you pulled out and you’re like, ‘oh, this is Jack Black signing. On the other hand, it’s like everybody wants to see that too, and that became the challenge.

Michael Jelenic

Jack Black’s Spin On ‘Peaches’

The Super Mario Bros Movie Bowser Star

Jelenic went on to describe Jack Black’s involvement in creating the song.

“He goes off with the song and he came back, with his partner John Spiker with the most amazing version of this song, because we had a pretty like rough version. And to hear that and to see everything that Jack built it into real song was just mind blowing.”

Michael Jelenic

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Black said the version made by Jelenic and fellow director, Aaron Horvath, was the funnier version of the song. However, he wanted to take it to the next level.

“Well, your version is, really, funnier than then my version of that song. It made me laugh really hard. Andhat was the magic but also that hook the [starts to sing ‘Peaches’], there was just something so ridiculous about that. But my thing was, well, I gotta I gotta take it to the next level because I’m protective of my songs and music and singing in general. Like, I never do the things when people say ‘hey, the character is gonna sing and it’s gonna sound really bad.’ Not that you were asking me to sound bad, but it’s a pet peeve of mine. I never let myself to do anything where, like I said before, I have to try to make it the best thing that’s ever happened.

Jack Black

About The Super Mario Bros Movie

The Super Mario Bros Movie Poster

Release: April 5, 2023
Runtime: 93 minutes
Directed by: Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic 
Produced by: Chris Meledandri and Shigeru Miyamoto

Cast: Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogan, and Fred Armisen


For the first time, the iconic global entertainment brands Illumination and Nintendo join forces to create The Super Mario Bros. Movie, a new, big-screen adventure starring one of pop culture’s most prominent plumbers of the past four decades.

Based on the world of Nintendo’s Mario games, the film invites audiences into a vibrant, thrilling new universe unlike any created before in an action-packed, exuberant cinematic comedy event. 

While working underground to fix a water main, Brooklyn plumbers Mario (Chris Pratt; Jurassic World and The LEGO Movie franchises) and brother Luigi (Charlie Day; It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) are transported down a mysterious pipe and wander into a magical new world. But when the brothers are separated, Mario embarks on an epic quest to find Luigi.

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