Bad Trip Trailer: A Good Time For Crazy Pranks

The hidden camera comedy Bad Trip may be just the good time viewers need to get their minds off their troubles, but for now just enjoy the trailer.
bad trip trailer review

Bad Trip is a hidden camera comedy that stars Eric Andre and Lil Rey Howery as two best friends who embark on a cross-country road trip, all the while including a real-life audience in the experience by pulling off the best of their pranks.

The film will also be starring Tiffany Haddish and Michaela Conlin and is directed by Kitao Sakurai and produced by Eric Andre, Jeff Tremaine, David Bernard, and Ruben Fleischer. Check out the trailer, which dropped last week, below:


A Bad Trip Makes For Good Comedy

bad trip trailer

After watching the trailer, I feel that this film will be hilarious, and it will be interesting to watch the real audience witness the live pranks as the story progresses through the course of the comedy. The start of the trailer displayed some typical-looking camera angles, introducing us to close ups of Maria and Chris in what looks to be a Smoothie Shop. Once Maria leaves the shop, the format changes, adding with wide shots of the entire establishment and revealing the hidden camera of it all.

I watched with shock and laughter as the employee Chris, distracted by Maria, accidently inserted his hand in a blender. The live audience in the shop all watch in horror, believing that this prank is real and having no idea that they are a part of a full-length comedy. The trailer progresses with more pranks, including an inmate escaping from jail, failed attempts to help the main characters jump start their car, and many others. 

This comedy brings a whole new experience that I haven’t seen before. I enjoy hidden camera shows, but as of recent years there haven’t been many gags that make me laugh anymore. In experiencing this trailer, I found myself enjoying the pranks while building an interest in witnessing how this story would progress. Not only is the fictional story engulfing, but the genuine reaction of the “extras” and the audience, contributes to the humor of the film and this forms a deeper bond with the viewers when it hits theaters.

In order for me to fully enjoy a comedy, there has to be an interesting story with relatable characters and comedic scenarios that cause me to laugh uncontrollably. This film appears to contain all of these elements, and I definitely want to experience these wild, elaborate pranks on a huge movie theater screen while enjoying a nice cold Icee and a large bucket of popcorn.

If you like hidden camera gags and enjoy comedy, then Bad Trip is the movie you need to see on April 17 – or whenever things settle down and fears clear up.