4 New Original Songs Will Be In Disney’s Live-Action Little Mermaid Film

Disney's live-action take on The Little Mermaid will not only keep most of its classic numbers, but will also add 4 new original songs to its repertoire.
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Disney’s live-action Little Mermaid is not set for release until next year. While COVID-19 has temporarily shut down production, we do have some new information for the film’s music.

Now, in what is probably a given: some of the classic songs like “Part Of Your World“, “Under The Sea“, and even “Kiss The Girl” are all being included in the film. But what has been mentioned many times is the inclusion of original songs for the film.

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The Little Mermaid Soon To Add More Parts To Your World

Recently Alan Menken, who has done the music for so many of my favorite Disney films, as well as my favorite Disney On Broadway show Newsies, revealed the following:

So there is a lot to unpack with this but the 3 major takeaways are:

  • Hercules Going To Broadway
  • Music For Disenchanted Is Being Worked On

One new original song for the movie would have been awesome, but 4 is amazing since Disney is giving us all-new material that we didn’t get when the animated movie released back in 1989. Personality, I loved the original film, so to get to see it come to life as a full live-action film is very exciting.

What needs to be revealed next is the costume looks for both Ariel (Halle Bailey) and Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King), since nothing about that has been yet to be revealed. And for the latest Disney and nerdy news, you can check out The Illuminerdi.

Source: Comic Book Movie


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