Doctor Who Releases New Intro for The Day of the Doctor

A new introduction for one of the best recent Doctor Who episodes, "The Day of the Doctor" has been released, and it's a lot of fun.
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Since the start of Covid-19 and the quick madness it has thrown the world into, it almost feels like we are currently stuck in a TV episode. Personally, I would choose Doctor Who if the choice was available. Some might suggest House, but I don’t see anyone matching the brilliance of The Doctor.

And clearly, I wasn’t alone in that thought. While many shows and movies are being postponed due to the health scare, Doctor Who came in to save the day. Dropping on March 21st, there was a new, specially written introduction for one of the ultimate best episodes of the franchise, “The Day of the Doctor.”

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“The Day of the Doctor” is a fan favorite and marked the 50th anniversary of the hit TV show. Not only are fans still obsessing over the amazing writing of the episode that debuted in 2013, they are also reliving specific parts that will live in infamy. More often than now, moments in “The Day of the Doctor” top Doctor Who fan favorite lists – and will continue to do so for years to come.

Because the episode was a huge moment for the franchise and for fans, it ended up receiving a theater debut. Fans flocked to cinemas to watch the special in all its glory and were rewarded with amazing intros.

Check out the original cinema intros:


Doctor Who Revisits “The Day”

Because “The Day of the Doctor” is such a huge fan favorite, it only makes sense during the years we have seen rewatch parties pop up. This is what led to Emily Cook, writer for Doctor Who Magazine, to come up with the idea and organize the efforts for a new intro.

Of course, Doctor Who legend, show runner, and writer of this specific episode, Steven Moffat didn’t skip a beat to join in on the fun. This is what Emily Cook told Radio times:

“Seeing as we’re all stuck in self-isolation with nothing to do, and given so many fans have got engaged with this now-global Day of the Doctor rewatch party, I thought it might be fun to create a new introduction video, inspired by the one which was shown in cinemas before the Anniversary Special was simulcast in 2013! I approached Steven Moffat with the idea and, amazingly, he jumped on board! He’s written a special scene which is utterly brilliant! Brand-new Doctor Who created remotely while we’re all in self-isolation. I really hope fans enjoy this! It’s a real treat!”

Treat yourself now, by watching the new intro:

Honestly between the two, while production is slightly different, both are very true to the Doctor Who franchise. Not only did the new intro connect to the old intro, it made us a little nostalgic for past genius episodes, created by Steven Moffat. While the new team of Doctor Who is slaying it with the last season and plot twists, a huge part of the fandom has a deep connection to past doctors. This is why the episode, “The Day of the Doctor”, is huge. It is a melting pot of Doctor Who nostalgic in one 77 minute roller-coaster.

If you haven’t already jumped in the Tardis to join Doctor Who fans as we obsess over this show, now is the best time to grab the remote and deep dive into the Whoverse. Heck, if you are a Whoverse fanatic and need to escape the real world, NOW is the time to start a rewatching marathon.