Artemis Fowl Now Heading Directly To Disney+ Instead

Artemis Fowl is once again being shuffled around by Disney, this time skipping theatrical release altogether and heading straight to Disney+.
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In an unprecedented move for the company, Disney has seemingly lost faith in their upcoming novel adaption Artemis Fowl.

In the wake of Coronavirus-related shifts, they have removed it from their upcoming release schedule and have announced that they will instead release it straight onto Disney +.


Where Did Artemis Fowl Go Wrong?

Artemis Fowl

It’s clear why Disney made this decision. Artemis Fowl has not exactly been eagerly anticipated by fans of the source material, nor general audience members. The trailers have not left any impact on the film space and with that, the quality of the film has not looked exactly high in these trailers.

It seems as if Disney has realised this, and has now pulled the film from the release schedule and will now release the film directly on Disney +.

“With audiences largely unable to attend theatres in the current environment, we are thrilled to offer in the premiere of ‘Artemis Fowl’ on Disney +”, said Disney + Content President Ricky Strauss.

“Director Kenneth Branagh and his spectacular cast take viewers right into the vibrant, fantasy world of the beloved book, which fans have been waiting to see brought to life for onscreen for years,” he continues. “It’s great family entertainment that is the perfect addition to Disney +’s summer lineup.”

Artemis Fowl was originally set to hit theatres on May 29, 2020, but unfortunately has been postponed indefinitely with no new release date in site due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, it seems like the film will be a good fit for Disney + and will hopefully open it up to a whole new audience on the streaming service.

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