David Yost Confirms That Austin St John Is The Only Original Power Ranger Returning For Beast Morphers Team-Up

Austin St. John is officially the only original Power Ranger returning for Beast Morphers this season, according to David Yost.

During San Diego Comic-Con last year, Austin St John was confirmed would be returning to Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 for the epic Dino Team-Up.

It was later revealed that he’d be joined by members of the Dino Charge cast, such as Yoshi Sudarso, Brennan Mejia, James Davies, and Davi Santos. The question remained: would there be any other original Rangers returning for the team-up? How about from the Dino Thunder cast?

The original Blue Ranger, David Yost, may have shed some light on the situation. During a livestream, Yost addressed whether he would be returning for the Dino team-up. While Yost is open to the idea of returning to the series he stated that he would not be reprising his role as Billy Cranston for this season of Power Rangers.


Yost went on to say that Austin St John, who played the original Red Ranger, would be the only original actor returning to the show:

The only person that went back for Beast Morphers is Austin St John. Nobody else. Only Austin St. John. So, that’s all.

Now, it’s possible David could be playing coy about returning, as Austin did when a fan asked him if he’d be returning to the show at a convention and he said he’d be up for it but nobody had reached out to him. All the while, we had already broken the news he’d be returning and had already shot his scenes.

But while we’d love to see Billy back we do think David Yost is being genuine in his response about not returning for the Beast Morphers team-up.

Could Austin St John Be In More Episodes Besides The Team-Up?

mighty morphin power rangers - austin st john

We have heard from another one of the original Rangers that Austin would be the only one returning, but it is entirely possible that a deal could be worked out to bring them back last minute and voice-over their characters in costume. Most of the original cast are all union actors and part of SAG, but there are ways to work around this.

During Power Rangers Samurai, Eka Darville of Jessica Jones made his return as RPM Ranger Series Red. Something we did find interesting is that Austin St John could be returning for multiple episodes, something which was first reported on our weekly Power Rangers show, the Ranger Wrap-Up.

Here’s what Yost went on to say:

Have his episodes aired already? I haven’t been following it. I should check because I wanted to watch.

This could have been completely accidental by Yost, not knowing how many episodes Austin would be back for. But we also heard from a source that the team-up is only one episode, and that some of the returning cast members would be in multiple episodes. It would make sense if Austin was in more than one episode, seeing as he is the original Red Ranger. Yost may have tipped us off with what he said in the same live stream.

How About The Dino Thunder Rangers?

As for the Dino Thunder Rangers, we know that most of them were asked to come back to the show – but it’s not looking so good for them. We hope that maybe we’ll at least get one of them to return to voice their characters for the series, but our source also informed us they don’t play a heavy role in the crossover.

Who do you want to see return for this epic Power Rangers team-up? Do you think more of an effort should be made to include the original cast members? Leave a message in the comments below.


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