Chris Hemsworth Says Marvel Films Can Get People Back To Movie Theaters

Chris Hemsworth understands the concerns about big-budget MCU films taking up theatrical real estate, but thinks they'll be essential in getting audiences back.
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Chris Hemsworth thinks Thor needs to come save the (theatrical) world again.

The world is in total disarray right now, and ton of movies have been shifted from their original release to now being released straight to both Digital and to ON demand. But it seems like this beloved actor thinks that a specific superhero franchise will get people back to movie theaters.

Chris Hemsworth’s new film Extraction is out on Netflix right now:

Chris Hemsworth On the MCU’s Power

And The Philadelphia Inquirer recently interviewed him about the film, but he also said something interesting. When asked about if Marvel films could save the struggling movie theater industry, Hemsworth had this to say:

I hear those concerns, too. That [the MCU] takes up so much real estate, [and] is there enough room for the other things to exist, the art house films and the smaller films we love and admire equally. Films [like Marvel] that you can best appreciate on the big screen, those will draw people out of their homes again,” he said. “I’m with you on that.

And Hemsworth isn’t wrong, by any and all accounts. Marvel films are meant to be seen on the big screen. And with the entire Phase 4 slate of films having their dates shifted, these films should get people back to movie theaters, when the theaters eventually open back up.

But for right now, streaming movies is the only way to watch them right now. And for the latest movie news and features, you can check out The Illuminerdi.


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