Cedric Alexander Talks About Teaming With Ricochet And How It Came About: EXCLUSIVE

Cedric Alexander talked about tagging with Ricochet and how it came about on our latest episode of The Illuminerdi Wrestling Order.
WWE Ricochet and Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander talked about tagging with Ricochet and how it came about on our latest episode of The Illuminerdi Wrestling Order.

Alexander and his new tag team partner, Ricochet, are a team that just fit together perfectly.  A lot of teams are an odd combination. Sometimes it makes sense like X-Factor with X-Pac and Albert: a big powerful guy with a small quick guy. However, so rarely do we see a team which fits together as well as they do and is such a no-brainer like Cedric Alexander and Ricochet or as they have branded themselves, 2 Fly Crew.


Alexander talked about their similarities and how the tag team was something he had pushed for a while.

“Me and Ricochet are like two sides of the same coin,” Alexander said. “There’s certain things he’s better at that I’m not and same thing, vice-versa. I like to think of Ricochet as a pretty rainbow that you see just floating over. He flies and you just have to watch him and you’re like ‘wow, that’s amazing.’ Me, I’m just a bullet that kinda shoots through and you try not to get caught.”

“I think we compliment each other very well but at the same time he picks up where I fall down and I pick up where he falls down. So it’s been super duper easy. It’s been super duper easy. Us coming up with intricate ways to flow off of each other’s timing has been very easy and we’ve only, actually maybe had I’m gonna say six tag matches together, total, you know?

This is something we’ve talked about for months. Months! Like ‘man, it’d be really cool if we tagged’ and that was it. That was all we’d ever say and the next time I’d see him I’d go ‘hey man, I got a really cool tag team thing I want to like experiment with you.’ Just throw it at you and see what you think. And bam, we just vibe.”

WWE Ricochet
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What An Apt Comparison

The comparison of the two Superstars Alexander made is the most perfect thing I’ve ever heard. Ricochet is an extraordinary acrobat who makes his flips graceful and his bumps like a trainwreck in a good way. One PPV Ricochet wore Dick Grayson Nightwing ring gear and that is the perfect comparison if you’re familiar with the character.

However, on the other side of the coin is Alexander’s flying bulldozer. He can flip all around his opponent but when he hits his move it looks like a cannonball more than a bullet. To keep it in the comic book realm Ricochet is Nightwing, but Alexander is like Batman. Alexander’s flips seem more purposeful and less for razzle-dazzle.

Taking A Chance On 2 Fly Crew

When asked how the team finally became a reality and if it was just from people thinking that these two guys had some cool ideas Alexander said yeah. The higher ups decide to give these two crazy kids a shot at teaming up.

“I mean, that’s kind of how it went. I know we have certain producers we work with through the ends and outs of being on the road and they kind of realized hey, me and Ricochet hang out a lot. It’d be kind of cool if these guys tag. This producer liked this one. This guy likes this one and he said ‘hey, it’d be a good idea to try it and see what would happen.’ We had our first match together. It went well and we just kept rolling,” Cedric Alexander said.

WWE Cedric Alexander
Courtesy Of WWE

Both Are Too Talented To Remain In The Tag Division

I am a big fan of these two guys.  I can see both these guys doing some really cool things in the future.  However, I am apprehensive of this tag team stuff.  WWE has an awful tag division right now.  They will push a team and that team will get some traction and then do nothing with them.  


Right now I don’t mind them being a tag team because Coronavirus has the WWE in a really weird place.  The team can give them extra time to showcase their talents and give them both some notoriety especially Alexander because I personally don’t know anyone who watches 205 Live.  So far less people are probably all that familiar with Alexander.

But once the WWE gets back to normal, I would like to see them split up because they are extremely talented and I want to see some more singles titles around their waist.  They both have everything they need to go far in WWE.

What do you think of Cedric Alexander and Ricochet teaming up?  Do you think they work better as a team or as singles competitors?  Let us know below in the comments what you think.  For more wrestling content like this check out our wrestling show, The Illuminerdi Wrestling Order.


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