Folklore: The Affliction – An Essential Board Game Review UPDATE: Kickstarter campaign ends today!

Halloween has sadly come and gone way too quickly. But with Folklore the Affliction you can celebrate Halloween everyday with this adventure board game that recreates the feel of a classic tabletop RPG.

Folklore: the Affliction is a Full Roleplaying Game

In Folklore the Affliction up to five players select from six unique classes in this dark horror, fantasy board game from Greenbriar Games. Play sessions run like a traditional tabletop RPG with the core game containing a full campaign. You will travel on a world map, encountering Road or the harder Off-Road Events. These special events can result in small skirmishes with one of the MANY monsters in the game or some kind of NPC interaction.You also get to utilize an extensive list of services when landing in a Town from the world map.

The meatiest part of each session lies within the encounters which take place on the 10×10 Adventure Maps. Most encounters will involve killing all enemies but there will be some side objectives as well too. Endgame encounters involve using a d100 (percentile die) and a d10 die to attack, character standees and monsters or the even stronger Afflictions which act as a end-chapter boss. These creatures are devastating, almost making death inevitable. Yet death is not the end of your character. When you die you become a ghost with your own class specific powers to help assist the rest of the your party. You remain this way until resurrected in town.

Folklore: The Affliction

The Wrap-Up on Folklore: The Affliction

For ages I have always wanted to get a full campaign for a tabletop RPG but was never able to. With Folklore the Affliction though, players get to experience a full fledged roleplaying game without the need of a dungeon master, all packaged neatly into a board game. The stories in the Adventure Manual give clear stories and a clear path, with 6 engaging tales. Players will have choices to make during the narrative that can change events later in the story. What I love most is all the extras that you can order straight from their webpage. With all the additions of plastic figure upgrades, an oversized neoprene World Map, item crafting decks, additional adventure manuals, even an adventure creation kit, there are near endless hours of content to keep you going until you pick up the Dark Tales expansion. The expansion includes another full campaign and more nightmarish environments to navigate through.

Pick up your copy of Folklore the Affliction and Dark Tales Expansion and save the world of Folklore from the evil taint corrupting the land. This is an absolute buy. Folklore the Affliction and all its deluxe items are available now on Amazon or from your local game store. And their newest expansion Fall of the Spire, which will be releasing December 2020, from Kickstarter.


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